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Forums - Politics Discussion - Are genital preferences transphobic?

Anyone who follows my posts is probably wondering by now why I'm here and not on a place like ResetEra 'where I clearly belong' or something to this effect. This thread will exemplify why.

I haven't really made a thread all about this before, but if I can be perfectly honest and not come across as a complete bigot for saying so, I have difficulties with the transgender movement. I don't dislike people who feel like they belong to some identity other than their birth one. In point of fact, to be more painfully honest, I don't really like my body and am fairly insecure in my own femininity and I think can kind of relate to the feeling a little.

Many of the demands of the transgender movement though offend me. Stuff like this:

In the above modern classic commentary, a (sorry to be impolite) man who claims to be a woman argues that "genital preferences are transphobic" and specifically singles out women who are only sexually attracted to other women (that would be me!) for critique in this regard. You see, in the current parlance of the social justice movement, one cannot be an authentic lesbian unless one is open to sex with men who claim to be women. This does not work for me. To be frank, I find the male penis disgusting (sorry!) and the sight of it an instant turn-off sexually. When I say as much to some of my friends on Facebook, I sometimes get called things like a "vagina fetishist" in reply, as though my orientation means that I'm a predator! It's ridiculous. The claim that everyone (or at least all women anyway) should be bisexual in order to be politically correct renders the whole concept of lesbianism moot and irrelevant.

I don't have a deeper point here. It's just something that frustrates me and the kind of thing that sometimes I want to say but don't feel like I would be allowed to on a place like ResetEra.

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The entire notion of gender as a spectrum where your physical body, which only comes in 2 sexes (exception made for intersex people), is completely disconnected from an endless possibility of identities, every one of which is to be respected, is simply ludicrous and has no empirical grounds whatsoever.
I believe the notion of gender as 2 poles is the one closes to reality. Where you have a male and a female pole and your gender as identity basically slides along the pole. Carl Jung had the bright notion of Anima and Animus, where the first is the feminine aspects of the male and the second the male aspects of the female psyche. We all vary in how we relate ourself to our physical sex, but these notions can never be separated.

It's not transphobic because it's not a phobia in any sense. It's your own preferences. I hate social "justice". It's mob rule based on others' feelings. It's no better than mob rule by others' religion. Actually, it's worse.

Fuck this shit.

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Not sure why you pay attention to what anybody tells you about what you like or dislike...regarding sex or anyting else for that matter.

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Why are you offended that other people have opinions? Opinions are aplenty and come in many colours. As long as no one is forcing anything on you, what is the point of even giving a damn about this?

"some women have penises"


No. I define women as people who were born with two X chromosomes, not a single Y chromosome, and they're equipped with vaginas. 100% organic vaginas.

Sorry, everyone has their own definition of what makes a man a man and a woman a woman. The above is how I define a woman.

So being born in a certain way is fine but not another? The far left logic comes ever closer to collapsing on itself.

I wanted to make a thread about this for a long time. My current hypothesis is that transgender has absolutely nothing to do with genetics or psychology and is rather a very much social phenomenon. The concept of gender is extremely artificial and it's created by society. Treating genders differently might help lower species to survive but it's irrelevant for humans.

The actual problem is that genders are defined at all when they shouldn't be. If there were no gender definitions or norms there would not exist a single transgender person. behaving "feminine" or "masculine" should not be a thing. It only exists because we defined it. So instead of a person saying I like to wear dresses and makeup, that person is saying "like to be more feminine" because that's what we defined it as. Now if there weren't such gender definitions nobody would give a crap. If you have a dick but would like to look like a woman and have sex with men, then you're just that. A person with specific preferences. You're not female, you just have a specific taste.

But since gender roles have such a gigantic influence in our society transgender is a thing. Everyone who defines a woman with very specific behavior is part of the problem. Same with gender specific rights. I don't give stamp collectors special rights, so I certainly don't care what kind of genitals you'd like to have.

In an ideal world you are born as a person and then live like a person and we all use the same fucking bathroom. Gender is nothing more than a fancy categorization that is basically based on nothing but tradition.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

Any preference by definition cannot be phobic towards anything. It's a preference, we all have them and we do not owe anything to anyone. The very act of choosing ourselves a mate is preferential and discriminatory by nature, it would be insane if anyone could pair up with anyone and it would just be a random thing. Do we really have to explain this?