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Forums - Sales Discussion - Battlefield 5 preorders 85% lower than Black Ops 4 - serves you right


So... Was it a good idea to fool around with history and facts to push your political agenda in our entertainment? One armed female soldiers wielding cricket bats on the front line for the sake of inclusion and diversity, in a war where no such thing could possibly happen? Using a franchise known for relative historical accuracy with a majority male audience?

Serves you right, EA. Fooling around with facts and established characters and changing them to suit your political crap is absolute trash. If you wanted to make this kind of game, why world war 2? Why not make up your own fictional war?

Battlefield deserves to sink down the toilet for this so that others will understand an important lesson. Don't fool with existing facts and existing characters. Make your own damn story if you want to push an agenda.

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Btw, in the same time period, battlefield 1 tracked higher than its cod opponent. Also, previous battlefield titles were only behind around 20-30%.

so do people expect EA to double down or back away now? Genuinely curious.

AnmolRed said:
so do people expect EA to double down or back away now? Genuinely curious.

I'm going to suggest double down.

people are outraged there will be female soldiers in BF5? cringe af

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hmm, I'm not sure the preorder figures are really that related to any anti-historical sentiment in the game. COD has been a much bigger franchise than Battlefield for a long time now so you should expect it to get much higher preorders regardless of what Battlefield does/doesn't do.

Yeah, but the question now is: why are gamers letting Activi$ion get away with all their shenanigans?

Hell, I wouldn't put it past them to lock the vehicles in Blackout Mode behind MTXs/loot boxes at this point, which is worse than what EA tried to do with Battlefront II. They "only" tried to give you weapons and abilities that give players an unfair advantage in paying to win, imagine paying for fuckin' vehicles to give yourself an unfair advantage over your opponents. 

Gamers were expecting Saving Private Ryan the game but instead, they got Ghostbusters reboot the game.

If EA wanted female as a MC they should've looked at Eastern Front and certainly not Western Front

Lafiel said:
people are outraged there will be female soldiers in BF5? cringe af

and the best part about it? People are acting like it isn't because it's women when a large part of it actually is (this same thing happened with Cod WW2 and Battlefield 1's black soldiers, but no one really complained on this scale). There have been videos literally stating it wasn't the wahmen when the comments in the video literally contradict such a statement! 

Historical accuracy and Battlefield? Hahahaha 

Honestly though, the way EA and DICE has handled the controversy is a big part of it too. The marketing for this game is rather atrocious. So I guess in some ways a perecentage of the sales decrease is deserved.

inb4 "I am women and even I dislike this pandering" 

This is exactly what they get for pandering to sjws. Suck a dick EA.

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