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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Remembering Nymeria

As some of you might know, about a month ago Nymeria informed us her health was taking a turn for the worst and now earlier today her husband Augen confirmed that she has lost her battle with her illness.

As far as the VGChartz team is aware this is the first time we’ve had to deal with the passing of one of our members. We thought that we could create this thread to remember her and give the chance to the community to express their sympathies.

For my part, even though I haven’t interacted with her much, she was a poster I had great respect for. She was always kind, positive, she could put forward her point of view in a non-confrontational manner and enlighten us with a female perspective (which is kind of rare of here). I remember her being active in the fitness thread a while ago and also having fun participating in the VGChartz Most Attractive tournament. I will be missing her.

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Nymeria was great: funny, friendly, honest.

I enjoyed chatting with her about movies -- which she really seemed to love. She was a regular in the MCU thread, where she spoke so passionately about film (and was never short of a shirtless Chris Hemsworth/Evans photo ).

I'm happy I was able to enter her life, however briefly. I hope she's resting peacefully now.

It's sad to see someone passing away when it wasn't their time. Resquiescat in Pace Nymeria, I hope you're in a better place.

I talked with her when I first came to this site. I was getting into trouble like some newcomers do, and she gave me some good advice. We got to talking off and on. The beauty contest here was so much fun. She was a very kind person. You know, I regret not talking to her these past few months. I should have said something in her thread, but you get so caught up in stupid nonsense and forget. So Nymeria, I'm sending my thanks out to you regardless. Thanks for helping a random person on the internet, I hope you found peace and comfort wherever you are.

Love and peace, Otb (Z)

Damn that sucks. My sympathies to Auguen and her loved ones, if you happen to see this thread.

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No... that's awful. I didn't know her on this site, nor did I know Augen was her husband damn... but I do offer my sympathies. Rest in Peace and stay strong Augen.

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What an awful position to be in ...

First, I wanna say my condolences and respects to Nymeria's (even though I don't know if that was her actual name) family and friends. I know it's not much but I definitely wanna point out how bright she was on this forum and could lighten up the mood of any thread she was in. Fun to talk to also.

But, just lke Augen said, neve take anything granted. Even on the internet, we're still all human beings behind our electronic devices and death certainly doesn't care about these preoccupations of ours. So, better live while we last.

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Sad news, rip.

I don't think she and I ever interacted with each other much on this site, but I was used to seeing her around here a lot. Very sad news. :(

Rest in Peace, Nymeria.

It's very sad to hear that she couldn't make it. I didn't interact with her, or at least not much, but I respected her for the great user she wants. My sympathies to Augen and the rest of her family.

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