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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Dark Souls for Switch: Prepare to Flop in October Edition

The title isn't so much a reference to the PC launch name, so much as it is foreshadowing reality.


Dark Souls Remastered for Switch releases October 19, 2018. Now, this in and of itself doesn't warrant doom 'n' gloom for the game. Even taking in the gap in time for the remastered version on the other platforms. 

The reason its going to absolutely flop, and deservedly so, is because Bandai Namco thought it was a good idea to do the equivalent of porting Mass Effect 3 to the Switch. Maybe even worse.


The Dark Souls Trilogy comes out the same day the Switch version does: October 19, 2018. I don't know how this is either defend-able or justifiable. On top of the this, what about the people who just bought the remastered original? This is ridiculous. 

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Pretty shitty move, delay it by 5 months and release the trilogy for other consoles the same day.

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If it were not for Dragon Ball Fighter Z, I would be hating Bandai Namco too much right now. Directly sent to die Dark Souls Switch Version and then the fool on duty will wonder why some games do not sell in Switch. Well, here's a reason.

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Probably not going to buy the Switch-version at this point since i own the PS4-version and there just so many other games to buy.

Why the hell do companies do this?

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The logic of people who run these businesses (and how they get hired in the first place) will always be a mystery to me.

lmao, that's pretty dumb

like you said, exactly like the Mass Effect situation on Wii U

though in this case I think Dark Souls Switch will still possibly sell well, just perhaps not as well now, especially after it was delayed anyway

The worst part is that if this causes the Switch version to underperform than they will probably assume that means there is no audience for this type of game on Switch, the delay along with trilogy releasing on other platforms will have nothing to do with it in their eyes.

When the herd loses its way, the shepard must kill the bull that leads them astray.

WOW, is this the reason it was delayed?

To tell you the truth, I don't know what to do with my Dark Souls pre-order,
even though I got it for 29eur. Is this trilogy going to be 60 bucks max?
Look's like I might have to cancel, my loss is your loss Namco.

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Extremely stupid move. I am looking forward to comments from Bandai Namco (or third party in general)  white knights.

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