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New trailer released - release date announced coming 27 Aug 2019:

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Yeah, don't believe that date for a second. And announcing dates more than a year from release is just pointless

Nothing to see here, move along

2019 is going to be stacked.

Good, hopefully they will be able to deliver a great game.

Good to hear.

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Very likely to not be the release date, but looks like I do have at least a year to buy and complete the first two games, so there's that.

I embed for justice.

The trailer looks very good, it's a big improvement from what we've seen in the past. I'm hyped.

Shenmue III - The Prophecy Trailer [ESRB]

Great news!

Nice timing too, it'll take a year to complete the forklift segments!

Everybody under the idea It'll drop sooner or be pushed further back?

It'll get pushed back. But at least, they're already more confident in their work so they can put out an early release date

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