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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Citing Lackluster Sales, Dishonored Franchise Is Being Shelved


In a nutshell, Dishonored 2 sold "worse" than it's original - despite positive critical reception. With PS4/X1/PC combined, Dishonored 2 only sold 2.5 Million copies, while the original sold that much on PC alone. Bethesda and Arkane decided to shelve the franchise for now.


Honestly, I can't blame them. With sales figures like that, I'm sure it barely covered production costs. Great franchise, no doubt - but just as was the case with Mankind Divided, the appetite for Stealth games just...isnt there. At least not on a blockbuster level. I feel your pain though fans - the same thing happened to Dead Space.

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It has been Dishonored


Shame on you people! Go out there and buy this great game now so we can get more in the future :(

Sad. Didn't care for it the first time i played it, but gave it a second chance and really enjoyed it. At least the story had a definite ending

It's a sad day when 2.5 million sold games is considered bad :/

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Only 2.5 million sales? It think their production costs are more then covered.

I remember watching the very first Dishonored trailer when it dropped. I think Bethesda might have wanted it to be bigger household name but it never really got to that level. Sad though when a good series is shelved because of a bunch of "suits" up top.

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i tried several times to like this game. its not for me.


Good for them. Now they can do something new and exciting!

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think-man said:
It's a sad day when 2.5 million sold games is considered bad :/

I am fairly certain that that's .5 million more than Breath of the Wild needed to match its production cost.

Puts some things into perspective, doesn't it?

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