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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Grandia And Grandia II Coming To Switch As A Remaster

Wow thats super cool!!!!


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nice, but would it like to see on ps4 too😉

Whoa baby! That's great news :)

What a Grandia announcement!

Grandia II actually still remains as one of my favourite PS2 games, so I'm really looking forward to this... would be nice if they announce a PS4 port too simply because it's my main gaming console, but I do need to build my Switch collection up... hopefully it gets a physical release.

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Damn, finally two great games, my opinion of course. But I will say the PC one wasn't a great remaster, I'll assume it's just a port of that. Hmm, may even consider a switch just for these two games, Grandia II is one of my favourite games of all time. Where's Skies of Arcadia?

Ooooooooooh. Well

Grandia 1 is phenomenal. Grandia 2 extraordinary. Quite the catch here.

Theres Steam versions too, from like 3years ago?
So Id imagine this will end up looking much like that.

Crazy to think these are from the PS1&PS2 days or before.... Dreamcast right?

Also why just the first 2 games? why not also the 3rd?

That actually makes me quite excited as Grandia is something I've wanted to play but never gotten around to.

This is great news, I've been meaning to get into this series for a while

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