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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - [UPDATE: Confirmed Indie Presentation]Rumor: There could be a Nindie direct (or Mini Direct)airing later today.

It's up and it is indeed a Nindie Direct.

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GJ guys, now just a list for us folk who are working and can't see it right now

EDIT: A trio of notable indie titles are launching on Switch today. Morphies Law, Bad North, Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition will all be available through the eShop. This news was revealed during the Indie Highlights video from Nintendo of Europe.

BAD NORTH! That game looked interesting.

EDIT2: And more info from NL

Titles such as Monster Boy, Night Call, Streets of Rogue, Windjammers, Everspace, Bad North and Morphies Law are all featured. All of the games showcased will be playable at Gamescom this week, so let us know if you're going along and which ones you're especially excited about by posting a comment below.

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Nice! I hope some good ports are shown.

My true form. You like it?

Oh nevermind it got released heh.

My true form. You like it?

60ish FPS?

Who advertises their game that way?

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I guess the biggest announcement would be Windjammers 2 getting announced for Switch and PC releasing 2019.

The amount of Switch-games i want to play will never end, isn't it wonderful

Nothing to see here, move along

Here is an image with the announcements. Damn Everspace and Prison Architect look sick.

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lets see...


The Night Call (Consoles? Steam)
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (PS4,XB1,Switch,Steam) (cool)
The Gardens between (PS4, Switch,Steam) (cool)
Streets of Rogue (XB1,Switch,Steam) (might come to ps4 later) (meh)
Bad North (Switch, Steam, coming to PS4/XB1 soon) (cool)
MoonLighter (Steam,GOG,Switch,PS4,XB1)
This war of Mine (meh)
Children of Morta (PS4,Switch,XB1,steam) (cool)
Everspace - stellar edition (ps4,xb1,steam,switch)
Baba is you (lol worthy, meh)
Slay the spire (switch,pc)
Windjammers (lol how old is this game, looks dated in size & scope?)
Windjammers 2 (sadly didnt show any gameplay)
Prison Architect
Morphies Law (now this actually looks cool)

Bolded ones stood out to me.... and are probably decent games.

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Anyone have a link for the presentation? Can’t find it anywhere...