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Forums - Sony Discussion - How do you feel about Death Stranding?


How do you feel about Death Stranding?

I'm not excited at all 18 48.65%
I'm a bit excited 10 27.03%
I'm super excited 9 24.32%

I'm just curious to know how many people are actually excited about Death Stranding, considering we haven't received any substantial information about its gameplay/story. I'm not saying being excited is unjustified, I know full well how good Kojima's games usually are.


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I think it’s one of the most interesting, beautiful and intriguing looking games I’ve ever seen. The soundtrack also seems impressive. Not a huge fan of Kojima’s earlier work but this has got my attention.

Very little hype atm.... I dont feel like they showcased it that well.
But maybe the story elements are what carry it? and once you try it, it turns out its actually pretty damn awesome.

Is the most unique looking game I have seen in years. The story and setting look very interesting. I also love the art direction, there is a scene in the E3 gameplay trailer where the blonde woman with the futuristic suit is holding an odd umbrella as she turns around to face you while a desolate landscape is in the background. I just thought it was incredible because of how much contrast there is with similar scenes in movies or anime where a girl in a dress or kimono with an umbrella turns around. I am not a Kojima fan, in fact I have only played MGS3, but out of all the upcoming playstation exclusives Death Stranding is by far the one that I am most hopeful and expectant of.

There are actually a lot of videos on youtube explaining several things and they will let you understand the trailers pretty well.


Edit: I was actually going to make a similar topic to this one after E3 ended and I saw so many people calling it a "walking simulator"(what sandbox game isnt?) or a disappointment etc... but I never got around to it. Would have been my first forum discussion too I think. Oh well, laziness has always been my weakness.

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Very curious to see what the final product will be like. Sure looks pretty. Will we all kill the baby together? That's a question that needs some answers.

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It looks like pretentious crap, but i'm willing to be convinced otherwise

I wish Sony would spend their money on actual games instead of walking simulators.

I feel the same as watching this. I don't fucking know what's going on, I don't know how it plays... I don't know anything. But hey, it's pretty. And seems sophisticated. Yay?

Ka-pi96 said:
I wish Sony would spend their money on actual games instead of walking simulators.

Holy sh*t what an uninformed opionion.

This game will have weapons, vehicles and a completely unique online component. According to Kojima the gameplay will be more intuitive than MGS V.

The reason why the new trailer only included walking is because Kojima wanted to create a ''silent'' trailer in contrast to the previous ones.

very intrigued and interested in what kind of game it will be in the end - although I do hope that it has a strong action/stealth part I also hope the player needs to travel larger distances by foot as shown in the E3 video as long as the landscapes are nice and varied and with lots to explore and discover this could work nicely (for me)