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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Halo Mythos, Hyrule Encyclopedia... Best "videogame series books"?

Hi! I just discovered Halo Mythos and was wondering if other videogame series have similar books/guides to their universe. I loved Hyrule Historia, can't wait for Hyrule Encyclopedia to reach Spain and found Halo Mythos really great... Does anyone know if ther's something similar for series like Castlevania, Metroid, Gears of War, etc.? Thanks!

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I think Hyrule Historia really does take the cake as far as quality goes. Honestly they should do a proper one on Final Fantasy,


I can only really speak about Zelda, as I only have books for that series, but the three newer ones; Hyrule Historia, Art & Artifacts and the Encyclopedia are all amazing. Because I most of all like art and in particular nice drawings, the Art & Artifacts book takes the cake for me. I can imagine other long-running series must as well have some great books for their fans.