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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is your favorite snes rpg game?


Favorite snes RPG game

Secret of mana 3 5.66%
FF6 12 22.64%
Chrono Trigger 20 37.74%
Earth bound 8 15.09%
other 10 18.87%

It's been a while, but I choose secret of mana. The combat was just amazing and the co-op was the definition of fun.

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Secret of Mana in multiplayer, but otherwise Terranigma.

SNES Action RPGs have held up better than the turn-based ones. I'd probably choose Secret of Evermore over all the turn-based games as well, even though it wasn't exactly a highly regarded game when it released.

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Chrono Trigger. It streamlined all the issues I had with the genre, and I consider it the best SNES game period.

Secret of Mana followed closely by Mario RPG

I cant decide between Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana!! T_T

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Do we count Illusion of Gaia? if not then Secret of Mana.

Chrono Trigger is my favorite.

I also like Final Fantasy IV, Super Mario RPG, Breath of Fire II, Treasure of the Rudras...

Super Mario RPG

Final Fantasy VI for me, followed by Chrono Trigger. For me, FFVI is the best game to come out of the 4th generation.

no question, it's final fantasy vi and the beginning with my love for jrpg