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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite vehicles in GTA Online?

I thought I'd just ask this question to see what people's favorite vehicles are currently.

Gta online is a fairly huge game right? If I'm not mistaken, V is the best selling game of all time. If i'm wrong I apologize for the misunderstanding in advance. But we really don't see much discussion on these forums about it. If there's no interest then well, that's all good. Just thinking there is plenty to discuss.


And for starters. What's your favorite vehicles?


I mostly rely on the Oppressor or Hydra when it's just me dashing after something. Buzzard is the most reliable transport for CEO and associates as it spawns right next to you, dodges well, and moves fast. But I have a Tula that I seriously enjoy also. Ruiner 2000 is amazing for the fact that it jumps and has a parachute. I own several custom rides but these are my most favorite and relied on vehicles.



What's yours?

Bonus question: I prefer Gun Running from the Bunker.  What's your favorite way to make GTA$?