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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Should NS and wiiU be both labeled as 8th generation?



Yes. 27 37.50%
No. 36 50.00%
Indifferent/comments/Who is America? 9 12.50%

Old gen to me, although everyone with bring in there own definition to fit their desires.

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No it is not 8th gen. Graphical power =/= equal console generation.

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Its the 1st gen hybrid Nintendo is no longer paricipates in the home console race. Why can't we define a gen as a new console with a new library. Especially the second why define a gen by a piece of plastic instead of the games that come out for said piece of plastic. Second we divide them into 3 classes Dedicated Handhelds, Hybrids and dedicated home consoles.


If we are looking 5 years from now would we think the PS4 pro which improved the performance of PS4 games was the start of a new gen. Or would we say the PS5 is the succesor to the PS4 and not some midgen upgrade to appeal to those with a 4k display. 

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No.The Switch is a 9th gen console.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

No. Time between the launch of the Wii U and the launch of the Switch was 4 years, three months, and 13 days.

The time between the launch of the GBA and the launch of the DS was only 3 years, 3 months, and 3 days..

So if the Wii U and Switch should both be considered 8th gen, then GBA and DS should both be considered a single gen too. But that's ridiculous. GBA was it's own gen, and was very successful, despite becoming a last gen system in a little over 3 years.

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Agree with graphical power =/= equal console generation, the Switch is an outlier but for order's sake I'd consider it 8th gen as it competes with the PS4 and XB1 and was released before the still in development PS5 or XB2 (gen 9).

Well, it consists of new and old, lets split the difference and say 8.5.

Until proven otherwise yes.

Depending on when the Switch's successor releases, the Switch might be 8th gen or might be 9th gen.

But as it stands there's a chance that the Switch will:
-Spend more of it's life alongside the PS4/XBO than the PS5/XB2
-Shares more of it's library with PS4/XBO than the PS5/XB2
-Has a release date closer to PS4/XBO than the PS5/XB2

So it could certainly be considered an 8th gen console in hindsight, we'll see what happens

"Spend more of it's life alongside the PS4/XBO than the PS5/XB2" is the key one for me. So if we say the PS5/XB2 launch November 2020. That means the Switch will have been out 3 years 8 months prior to them releasing.

Then let's say the Switch's successor is released November 2023. This means that the Switch was the latest console alongside PS4/XBO for 3 years 8 months, but only 3 years alongside the PS5/XB2 and thus I would put it in the generation with PS4/XBO.

So yes it depends how long the Switch lives, and when other devices are released.

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WiiU is 8th gen NS is 9th gen no need to complicate things.

John2290 said:
Qwark said:
Its the 1st gen hybrid Nintendo is no longer paricipates in the home console race.

That's a decent way of looking at it.

However on that matter at what point do you define a hybrid? The dock? Tv output? Console power hardware. Well despite the dock I've been playing games on a 1080p screen since at least 2012 and I think as far back as 2010 to try it and at some points the hardware was of console quality, especially my S4in early 2013 compared to wiiu. Phones I've had since are considerably more powerful that the NS and the graphics and performance are considerably better on some games. So wouldn't that make mobile the first TV / handheld device? Or does Nintendo get the cake because they are a conaole company and that makes things all clean and mainstream? 

Phones are like pc they all belong to one gen that  is continue evolving. Sure you need to upgrade your pc to keep playing games in 60fps, but all pc games belong to the same library. The same goes for Phones.

Nintendo has the honour of releasing the first hybrid  gaming system with a library that is unique and only for Switch. Which marks it as the first of its generation. All tablets even with all their add-ons still share the samelibrary. So in my eyes they allbelong to the ever evolving mobile gen.

The Switch is neither a dedicated homeconsole or dedicated handheld. So we need a new class and I would vote for first gen hybrid. 

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