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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Bethesda blocks resale of used game

Not sure why a company such as Bethesda is doing this but if this is true then that's really lame of them.  Customers have already purchased your product, you already got your money, so they can do whatever they want with it.  Don't be greedy.


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They can block individual used game sales all they want, but there is no way to block used sales in general as long as physical editions exist.

This stinks and I guess it will backfire, they just need to piss the wrong person off.

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melbye said:
They can block individual used game sales all they want, but there is no way to block used sales in general as long as physical editions exist.

Did you read the article?

The law says that you may resell a product so long it's not significantly altered from the original product. Bethesda is arguing that the lack of guarantee is significant enough to not be protected under the First Sale Doctrine. If they would win that case it would basically kill the whole used game market in the US in one swoop. And not just them, but also resellers (the like you see on the Amazon Marketplace, for instance), as they are arguing against them as well with the same argument.

Used game sales cut into profits, yet I agree that I should be able to sell my used games at will. Bethesda probably figures that they are big enough and have enough great selling franchises that a move like this won't affect their overall sales. Microsoft once thought they could get away with something similar for their xbox brand. Their original plan was for the xbox one lock out used games, that along with other anti consumer policies backfired big time. 

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That sounds ridiculous. Glad I'm not a fan of Bethesda. Hope they crash and burn with this still though.

The more I hear about Bethesda, the worse the company sounds. I dislike Bethesda more and more.

Bethesda Game Studios is great. The publishing division though, Bethesda Softworks, and it's parent company ZeniMax, have been getting progressively worse and worse for about a decade.

-First there was the attempted hostile takeover of Human Head Studios and successful hostile takeover of Arkane, where Bethesda/ZeniMax purposefully pushed forward development milestones so that Human Head and Arkane couldn't meet them in time and therefore wouldn't get paid, so that the studios would be in a poor financial situation and therefor more open to being bought by ZeniMax. Arkane ended up caving in a let themselves be bought, but Human Head resisted and Prey 2 ended up being cancelled as a result.

-Next came the Obsidian Entertainment incident, where Bethesda/ZeniMax put a clause in the contract for Fallout: New Vegas that said that Obsidian wouldn't be paid a substantial bonus if the game failed to meta over a certain score, a score which Obsidian had no hope of hitting since Bethesda made them release it before it was ready, when the game was still a buggy mess.

-Next came Bethesda trying to sue Mojang for their game "Scrolls" claiming that the title was too similar to "Elder Scrolls" and therefore infringed on their Elder Scrolls trademark.

-Then there was the paid mod mess, where Bethesda tried to charge for mods which had been free before, and then took a bigger chunk of the mod sales profits than the actual developer of the mod got.

-Then Bethesda made the decision to not send out review copies of their games before release, in an attempt to dupe early adopters into buying their games before they know rather or not they're good.

I'm sure there are more controversies than just those, those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head. And now this latest controversy.

And yet ES 6 will still sell bucket loads.

Random_Matt said:
And yet ES 6 will still sell bucket loads.

This. They know it too. They have been repackaging Skyrim for the last 7 years with minimal enhancements and it still sells . I admit I have been one of the culprits as I have bought 3 versions of the game already.