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Forums - PC Discussion - Is it ethically wrong to purchase something knowing you are going to return it?

For an example, I am going to buy a high end graphics card to play a game. Yet, sometime soon Nividia is going to release their new graphics cards which means prices are going to drop. So I plan on purchasing a card now, then returning it because the price will be lower.


Another example is purchasing an air conditioner then returning it once summer is done.


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Yes. It's wrong.

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COKTOE said:
Yes. It's wrong.

I 2nd this. 

I hate when people take advantage of provisions that are supposed to protect consumers. It ends up hurting everyone else, Lost money hurts companies, and drives worse consumer protection. 

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Yes. I think it is ethical wrong.
Depending on the company and how it calculated the costs for it's product, it could lead to a financial damage. The damage could be so small that it is not worth mentioning, or take some noteable hits on the company. Depends on what the product is and wether it can be reselled. It also depends on what kind of market the product belongs to. This is all generally speaking, of course.
There are a lot of differend factors coming into play.

But to sum it all up, buy a product with the purpose of keeping it.

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It's wrong, but my moral compass is 20 feet underground. Two months ago, my PS4 controller broke, so I bought one the same color and returned the broken one. For any police and/or private investigator/FBI that find this suspicious, I am joking and I would never do an underhanded tactic like this.

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Given the context of what you said, absolutely.

I was thinking about the gray areas of doing this, but the examples you've given fall in the wrong category.

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Definitely wrong.

If you're making this thread, it is because you already know that it's wrong.

And are you really that desperate to play that game now? I mean, rumors say that Nvidia will reveal their cards at Gamescon and launch them in September. Can't you wait a couple of months to play that game?

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