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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Switch Online LIVE, 20 NES and upcoming titles, Service FAQ, cloud save details, requirement depends on publisher

More details @ Nintendo

20 launch NES in HD+filters and upcoming titles
(Details obtained from the UK website)
Donkey Kong
Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros.
Balloon Fight
Ice Climber
Dr. Mario
The Legend of Zelda
Super Mario Bros. 3
Double Dragon
River City Ransom
Ghosts’n Goblins
Tecmo Bowl
Pro Wrestling
Ice Hockey

And the drip feed that will come in the following months...
October 2018
Double Dragon (SP)
Gradius (SP)
NES Open Tournament Golf
Solomon’s Key
Super Dodge Ball
Super Mario Bros. 3 (SP)

November 2018
Dr. Mario (SP)
Metroid (SP)
Mighty Bomb Jack
Super Mario Bros. (SP)

December 2018
Adventures of Lolo
The Legend of Zelda (SP)
Ninja Gaiden
Wario’s Woods

Frequently Asked Questions

(Additional NSO details are available at the UK site or the US site, the information posted below is from the UK)

Will I be automatically charged when the free period ends on 19th September 2018 and the service officially starts?
No, you will not be automatically charged. In order to use the service, please purchase a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Can I try Nintendo Switch Online for free?
You can enjoy a 7-day free trial of the Nintendo Switch Online paid membership service! In Nintendo eShop, select the Nintendo Switch Online option on the left navigation to activate your free trial.
Please note: one free trial period available per Nintendo Account. During the free trial, you can use the online play, voice chat via the smartphone app, Save Data Cloud and Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online services. It’s not possible to purchase Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers during the trial period.
If automatic renewal is set, once your free 7-day trial is over, your membership will be renewed via the automatic purchase of an individual 1-month (30 day) membership. If you do not wish to purchase a membership, you can terminate automatic renewal during the free trial and will not be charged.

If I purchase an additional membership while I am already a Nintendo Switch Online member, what happens to the remaining time I had?
If you purchase an Individual Membership while already in possession of an existing Individual Membership, this will be added to your remaining time. For example, if you have 35 days remaining on an Individual Membership and purchase a 365 day Individual Membership, your remaining time will be extended to 400 days. Remaining time for an account can be increased up to three years. However, you can’t combine remaining time from Family Memberships and Individual Memberships.

Can I change to a Family Membership while I am on an Individual Membership?
Even if you have time remaining on an Individual Membership, it is possible to purchase a Family Membership, and to change auto-renewal to the Family Membership. However, it is not currently possible to carry over any time remaining on the Individual Membership. If you purchase a Family Membership when using an Individual Membership, then automatic renewal for the Individual Membership will be automatically disabled. Thus, you will not have both an Individual Membership and Family Membership renewed automatically.

If I have multiple Nintendo Switch consoles, will I have to pay for each of them?
No. The Nintendo Switch Online membership is not for one Nintendo Switch console, but for one Nintendo Account. As long as it’s linked to your Nintendo Account, you can use the Nintendo Switch Online service from any Nintendo Switch console.
I purchased a Family Membership. Do I need to set up anything so other members of my family can use it on their Nintendo Accounts?
You need to set up a Nintendo Account Family Group.

If a parent Nintendo Account purchases a Family Membership, can the Child Accounts under this Nintendo Account also use Nintendo Switch Online?
If the parent account purchases an Individual Membership, then only the parent account can use Nintendo Switch Online, and not the Child Accounts. However, if the parent account purchases a Family Membership, any Child Accounts that are added to the Family Group can then use the services.

I understand that only parent Nintendo Accounts can purchase a Family Membership, but is there an age restriction on who can use a Family Membership as members of the Family Group?
No, there’s no restriction. A parent account must purchase the Family Membership, but then any Nintendo Account of any age in the Family Group (including Child Accounts) can use the Nintendo Switch Online services.
Please note: users must be aged 13 or above and have a Nintendo Account in order to use the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app.

My family members use their own Nintendo Switch consoles. If we purchase a Family Membership, can we use the Nintendo Switch Online services from any of the Nintendo Accounts on any of the Nintendo Switch consoles?
Yes, you can. Even if your family members are using their accounts on different Nintendo Switch consoles, if you have a Family Membership and create a Family Group, then each account can use the Nintendo Swich Online services. You don’t need to use the same Nintendo Switch as the person who purchased the membership.

Is it possible to stop automatic renewal?
Yes, it can be stopped at any time. Select Terminate Automatic Renewal by selecting Account Information and then Pass Settings in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch. Alternatively, you can terminate automatic renewal from the Nintendo Account website by selecting Shop Menu in your Nintendo Account settings, then selecting Pass Settings.

How do automatic renewal payments work?
If you have the necessary funds in your Nintendo eShop balance when automatic renewal takes place, they will be automatically taken from your balance. If you don’t have enough funds, then your saved payment method will be used to automatically add the remainder to your balance and purchase the membership.
Please note: you must be aged 18 or above to use automatic renewal.

How is the membership type for automatic renewal decided?
Generally, the same membership type that you are already using will be automatically purchased. However, if you activate the 7-day free trial from Nintendo eShop, then a 1 month Individual Membership will be automatically purchased.
If you purchase a different membership type from your current one, then the most recently purchased membership type will be used for automatic renewal. For example, if you purchase a 12 month membership during a 3 month membership, the next automatic renewal will be for a 12 month membership.
Please note: while using a Family Membership, it is not possible to change the automatic renewal to an Individual Membership.

After my Nintendo Switch Online subscription expires, will my Save Data Cloud files and Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online save data be erased?
Save data stored with Save Data Cloud cannot be kept outside of the duration of your Nintendo Switch Online membership. Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online also uses the Save Data Cloud, so the same applies. However, if you keep the Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online save data saved locally on your Nintendo Switch console, then you can use it again if you purchase another membership.

Do I need to join Nintendo Switch Online in order to play online on Nintendo 3DS family systems or Wii U?
No, you do not need to purchase a Nintendo Switch Online membership for these systems.

Can Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online only be played where I have an active internet connection?
Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online can by played for up to seven days without an internet connection. If you are unable to launch Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online, then please try connecting to the internet again.

If someone I am playing with over online play uses voice chat, will I be automatically added to the voice chat?
No, you will not be automatically added to voice chat in any situation. You can select yourself whether or not to join voice chat, regardless of whether other players have joined.

If I want to quit voice chat, do I first have to end online play?
No, you can quit voice chat at any time from the Nintendo Switch Online app, even while still in online play. You can also mute specific players so you can no longer hear them.

What special offers are currently available?

NES Controller: Nintendo Switch Online members in the U.S. and Canada can purchase an exclusive NES controller for use with NES - Nintendo Switch Online games, which adds an authentic feel to playing classic NES games. The NES controller will begin shipping in mid-December 2018. For additional information about the NES controller, click here.

Splatoon 2 DLC: Everyone with an individual 12-Month membership or a family membership will receive a download code for an exclusive in-game outfit in Splatoon 2. For additional information about this offer, click here.

More info here:

UPDATE8: You can use those worthless gold coins for something.

"Gold Points can be used when purchasing a membership in the Nintendo eShop. They cannot be used for auto-renewal."


UPDATE7: Finally some NSO details are available at the UK site or the US site.

And additional Family Account information:


UPDATE6: NOS and OS 6.0.0 will bind your Nintendo Account and Switch profile, keep that in mind kids!

On 9/18, your Nintendo Switch will be receiving a system update, version 6.0.0. Afterwards, it will no longer be possible to unlink your Nintendo Account from your Nintendo Switch user profile. Prior to this change, you should verify that your Nintendo Account or your child’s Nintendo Account is linked to the correct user profile. 

For example, please confirm that the parent’s or legal guardian’s Nintendo Switch user profile is linked to the parent’s or guardian’s Nintendo Account, and that the child’s Nintendo Switch user profile is linked to his or her child account.

By ensuring that your Nintendo Account is linked to the correct user profile, you will be able to appropriately manage your save data, Nintendo Switch Online membership, and Nintendo eShop content.



UPDATE5: We finally have a launch date for NSO. The service starts on the 19th, a 7-day free trial will be available from the eShop.

UPDATE4: Nintendo has been updating their websites to reflect some cloud save details:

“The vast majority of Nintendo Switch games will support Save Data Cloud backup. However, in certain games this feature would make it possible to, for example, regain items that had been traded to other players, or revert to a higher online multiplayer ranking that had been lost. To ensure fair play, Save Data Cloud backup may not be enabled for such games. To ensure that Save Data Cloud backups cannot be used to unfairly affect online multiplayer rankings, the feature will not be enabled in Splatoon 2.”


One of the many things that we haven’t heard from Nintendo is how Cloud Saves actually work. According to Diablo III associate producer Matt Cederquist, save files for games will automatically be uploaded to the cloud on a regular basis, so no user action is required. As to how often that happens, we do not know at this point of time.

Save data backed up in the cloud is transferable to other Nintendo Switch consoles, so you can continue playing on a friend’s console.

Cederquis has also shared a detail specific to Diablo III Eternal Collection. When save data from Diablo III goes to the cloud, the only thing that won’t upload is leaderboards. Achievements and campaign progress will be uploaded.


UPDATE2: Looks like F2P games like Arena of Valor, Fortnite and Paladins wont require Nintendo Switch online, and will remain free to play.

This is similar solution to what PS offers, meanwhile Xbox has them looked inside the subscription.


And for other titles that are not F2P like the Jackbox games:

UPDATE1: The Nintendo Switch Online website has updated with a notable piece of information. For the NES games included with the subscription service, it will be possible to voice chat during play sessions. That’ll be done through the Nintendo Switch Online app.

With online play added to every classic game, you can compete (or cooperate) online with friends, share your screen, or pass the controller, depending on the game. With the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app, you can also voice chat during your play sessions.



Still paid online... adios gratis :(

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I'm beginning to wonder if Nintendo will ever put out a proper direct for the coming payed online.

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Stefan.De.Machtige said:
I'm beginning to wonder if Nintendo will ever put out a proper direct for the coming payed online.

Is 10 seconds enough for a Direct?

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I really want to know how is this service going to affect the eShop. Will we have some fixed discount percentage on all games, or will the discounts vary from time to time?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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vivster said:
Stefan.De.Machtige said:
I'm beginning to wonder if Nintendo will ever put out a proper direct for the coming payed online.

Is 10 seconds enough for a Direct?

I doubt it . They need to explain the discounts and the full roster of NES games.

In the wilderness we go alone with our new knowledge and strength.

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Yeah... I'm still not interested at all. I don't care for online play, nor NES games we've played to death. Give me a way to play GC games on the go and they'll get my attention.

Stefan.De.Machtige said:
vivster said:

Is 10 seconds enough for a Direct?

I doubt it . They need to explain the discounts and the full roster of NES games.

So 20 seconds it is.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

I will get it because it's cheap and well Smash is coming and in the mean time there's still Mario Kart 8 Deluxe that I play online.

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Hoping there are non-game-winning perks included with this. I want the lobby mini-games back in Splatoon 2.

If Smash Ultimate wasn't a thing, I don't think I would be interested