Forums - Gaming Discussion - Germany lifts ban on Nazi Symbols in Video Games

Never thought to see this.

Hopefully we will see patches for all the games releasing soon after they are being checked. 


What a great news for gaming in Germany. 

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Finally as a german/swede myself i have been wanting this for a long time. Thank god Deutschland has fixed its act when it comes to this.

Great news, it's ridiculous to censor a symbol, especially when used in proper context like a World War 2 game.

Nothing to see here, move along

Wow, this is actually something I thought would never happen... good on them!

I refuse to believe this! Great news if true though.

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I wish this happened before the original Company of Heroes was released, it would've made it more authentic. Still, good news for the Wolfenstein franchise I suppose.

Good. I understand the sensitivity around it, but I think 99.9% of people can discern video games from reality. 

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I wonder if aesthetically accurate depictions of Hitler will ever be allowed?

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About time. You can't keep hiding from history forever.

Kerotan said:
About time. You can't keep hiding from history forever.

Bit ignorant to call it that, but great news nonetheless