Forums - Gaming Discussion - Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Trailer Revealed!

How hyped are you after the gameplay reveal?

Shut up and take my money!!!!!!!! 12 30.00%
Excited - can't wait! 6 15.00%
Looks good 11 27.50%
Will wait for reviews 0 0.00%
It was ok 3 7.50%
Looks bad 0 0.00%
Not interested 8 20.00%

just about an hour to go!

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melbye said:
Hope this trailer finally makes me hyped for the game. It's so weird, i wanted RDR2 for so long and when it was finally announced i was all like meh

I think its because they are barely showing anything, alongside the continues delays. 

Is it only a gameplay trailer? I hope they don't just show snippets of gameplay and actually play through a mini-quest of some sort. So far they've been hiding everything from this game, I really want to see the game and not a few cuts here and there.

15 minutes!

Zombie9ers said:
15 minutes!

Now 1 minute!

Chinese food for breakfast


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Added gameplay details and poll to OP

That was insane. Between God of war and rdr2 for GOTY imo. Both must play titles for everyone.

OK, that looks really good. And I can abuse my horse? As if I needed another reason to be stoked.

Chinese food for breakfast


I like the community aspect of the gang. I didnt play red dead 1 but this one I'm interested in.

Trailer has me a bit hyped.