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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How often do you share the Joy-Con?

One of the Switch's biggest selling points, is the fact that you can pass one of its detachable Joy-Con controllers to a friend for multiplayer games, not just at home, but also anywhere using the built-in kickstand. Many games leverage this feature from 1v1 fighters, to party games, racers, co-op games, etc.

Nintendo really wants people to use this feature, hence why every single marketing material involves 2-player Joy-Con. But how often do you actually use this feature? I find it comes in handy when playing with my sister, but I don't have many friends in my area, so I'm limited in who I can play with.

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When I play with someone else, I do. It's that simple.

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Don't play much multiplayer, but I did use the feature to play Snipperclips with my brother.

Use it all the time for local Mariokart multiplayer. I think the way that Nintendo implemented the joycons was genius. Allows for so many different types of play.

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Really only used it for Sonic Mania



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You can share those things?

In seriousness though:
I play only singleplayer games on my Switch so there is no opportunity to share my Joy-Con.

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Marth said:
You can share those things?

And eat them too. 

Just like a Twix bar.

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To play 1-2 Switch, and already shared the joy with Snipperclips, PuyoPuyo Tetris, Spelunker Party, Mario&Rabbids...
and now I can do it with Sonic Mania Plus too

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Me and gf played 1-2 Switch with her brother while being outside in the garden grilling meat and drinking beer.  Afterwards we went in and played Street Fighter and Bomberman. Good times. Also, we played Snipperclips and Kirby from start t finish exclusively in multiplayer mode.

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Quite often actually, I play a lot of games with my girlfriend on the Switch, but mainly Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and we actually finished Super Mario Odyssey together one time, playing as Cappy isn't too bad actually, lol.