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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Final Fantasy XV is the fastest selling FF game ever

Final Fantasy XV has reached the 7.7 million units milestone, which makes it the fastest selling game in the history of the Square Enix series since it has done that in just 20 months.

On top of that, as the information comes from the game’s official website, this allows Final Fantasy XV to be the fourth highest selling product in the history of the franchise.

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Good to hear, despite what people may think about it, I actually really enjoyed myself... then again I did wait until a year after it released, so I know additional stuff got added, but I've still not played any of the episodes or the Royal content.

It deserves it

Solid game just outside my top 50 or 100 games just like FF Type 0 HD. I hope when I try World of FF, it is just as good or better.

It always annoys me when there's articles or whatever about "fastest selling game" since there's really no such thing. In reality it's the fastest selling over the first 20 months. That's all. Does that mean it's the fastest selling over 10 months? Quite possibly. 22 months? Could well be. 5 years? Seems doubtful. It's definitely not the fastest selling unless you add in the correct time period though.

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If Japan was still huge for Final Fantasy like it was during PS1 and PS2 era, FF XV would be close to 10 million. Phenomenal sales for the most unpolished, unfocused, unfinished, disjointed yet still most unique main FF to date. Despite my negativity and being somewhat disappointed by the final product (even after all the updates and DLC), I still enjoyed a lot the good things about the game. I have some weird love/hate relationship with this game. Final Fantasy is my favourite franchise ever and I like every main FF that i've played (IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XII, XIII and XV, I must be one of the few that likes them all) so I'm happy FF is still in good health. Waiting for the next FF to be announced.

Will buy this for PC, frame rate was pretty negative on PS4 to be honest.

Random_Matt said:
Will buy this for PC, frame rate was pretty negative on PS4 to be honest.

Not sure how it is on base PS4, but on a Pro it runs at a locked 30fps or 40-50fps depending on which setting you pick... oh, and 60fps if you look directly up into the sky and do nothing at all, now that's a true 60fps experience right there! :P 

I think that's well deserved. FFXV may be a very disjointed experience that has more than a few issues, but on the whole I still think it's a genuinely great game, and a nice return to form for the series after the XIII-trilogy.

Wasn't the bulk of that (about 5 million) on the first day? I think it's a good game and I'm happy it did well, I wonder how many of those decided to buy the dlc.