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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Dead Cells gets critical acclaim (89 on Opencritic).

<iframe src="https://opencritic.com/game/6386/score" frameborder="0" width="300" height="102"></iframe>


I'm glad I pre-ordered this for 20% off on Switch. Got an additional 7% off for being a Bestbuy GCU Member, and then another 5% back in Nintendo Coins. 

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Looks promising,I love these kind of games. I'm a bit bogged down in games at the moment. This one will have to wait unfortunately. Looks like a game that will eventually be free on ps plus, maybe if I wait long enough I'll get lucky :P

It's looks very interesting I must say

I've seen a friend in college play it on PC. Not my kind of game, but it definitely looked like he had ton of fun re-doing playthroughs and speedruns over and over again.

Must be pretty addictive.

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Looks nice+ physical thats awesome


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Gameplay looks good. I wanna buy this.

My prediction in 2021.

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XBS: 7.5m

As someone who loves the Metroidvania genre; Yay! :D

Definitely buying this, waiting for that physical edition

melbye said:
Definitely buying this, waiting for that physical edition

Is there also Switch tax in the UK?

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Been watching it way before it's final release. The Meta score isn't going to make me buy the game, nor think highly of it. I'm not going for the game as it is not my cup of tea.