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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Games you want in Octopath Traveler's artstyle

While I've been digging on Octopath Traveler's visual style, my mind can't help but imagine more games looking just like this.

Call me crazy, but Octopath's art direction really takes the best of the refinements of pixel art with HD in a way I really don't think has been done just right before. You can really tell in gameplay there's more than just pixel art going on here.



Every time I'm looking at this game - it makes me feel like we got a totally different next-generation take on SNES mode7 like graphics.

 Which got me thinking - why not remake a ton of sprite SNES/Genesis/PS1/N64/GBA era games remade like this? Or how about entirely new games in this same style? Especially JRPGs for sure, but other games too.

It would be really cool to get a 2D Zelda in this style. Or FFVI remade like this. And wouldn't it have been better if Secret of Mana remake had this visual style too?

What about a 2D Mario like that looks something like this? Or even an F-Zero or Starfox game with this same mix of sprites and polygons?

What if Sonic Mania 2 took similar art design? Or how about Doom? Picture this: a new DOOM in this style and a fresh new level editor and it looks like this.

What do you think?

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A new game in the Mana-series maybe

I'd love to see a throwback of Pokemon in a similar Pixel-3D style just as sort of a side game.

While I'd love to see a FFVI remake with this art-style, I kind of also like how unique it is. I mean, if we get tons of games that look like Octopath, I'm afraid it will lessen the impact of the graphics. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, idk

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If they ever make a new SaGa Frontier game, I think this style would be perfect for it.
Maybe for Bravely Default as well.

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None. That's what I'm afraid of. If a bunch of other companies start going this route, and can't even be bothered to create a 3D world for their Turn-Based RPGs, then I'll have to go right back to almost exclusively retro gaming, like I was before the genre finally started moving forward again with games like Persona and Trails of Cold Steel.

This is a big step backwards for the genre, and I REALLY hope it's not going to become a trend.

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Super Mario RPG 2 /thread

For real though, they could just take all the work they did for Octopath and use it to make that game in under a year flat. It would be a great game for 2019.

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I wouldn't say no to a chrono Trigger seqel in this style.

Tactics Ogre.

Honestly though, I'll take another Tactics Ogre/FFT (not FFTA) game in any style at this point.

Final Fantasy IV-VI and Chrono Trigger remade like this would be absolutely amazing lol... doubt it'll happen though, but a guy can dream, right? :P