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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are you getting Soul Calibur 6 or Dead or Alive 6 (or both/neither)?


Which upcoming fighter(s), if any, are you going to pick up?

Buying SC6, not buying DOA6 14 24.56%
Buying SC6 and possibly DOA6 8 14.04%
Buying DOA6, not buying SC6 2 3.51%
Buying DOA6 and possibly SC6 4 7.02%
Both 9 15.79%
Neither 20 35.09%

Which one(s), if any, are you getting? I ask this because I see "SC6 will steal some of DOA6's buyers after the whole DOA6 fan-service kerfuffle" being thrown around a lot on various forums and YouTube vids.

I'm definitely getting SC6 and I'll wait and see on DOA6. Yes, I've always liked DOA for both the fan service and the gameplay and yes, there's still a fair amount in there (and I can do without the exaggerated breast jiggle feature in DOA5, which you had to unlock, anyway, in complicated fashion, might I add), but I dunno, part of me wants to not give KT money after Shimbori's IGN and Gamespot interviews where he insults women with large breasts by saying they're less relatable, to put it mildly (he literally said this) and they turned the women into cool characters and not male fantasies. Just something about giving SJWs wood that rubs me the wrong way. It's the MvCI "characters are just functions" PR gaffe all over again (Combofiend was fired for saying that when it flopped BTW).

I also have a growing suspicion they'll lock stuff like Kasumi's default outfit and the physics slider behind a paywall after these interviews, and by that, I mean make it to where you have to pay money to have any jiggle in the game whatsoever (notice how they only said it'll still be in the game after all the backlash from the reveal trailer where there was none whatsoever). No one who was (rightfully) pissed at Konami for selling save slots (another basic feature) in Metal Gear Survive should be okay with that.

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Definitely getting Soul Calibur. Dead or alive I possibly might pick it up.
Im hoping Hwang Seoung yeuong (probably spelt wrong) is going to be announced in the SC6 Roster I was so good with him in SC1, otherwise it will more than likely be Talim for me.

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If i buy one of them it would be Soul Calibur

Both eventually


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I'm going to rent both on release. Will definitely buy DoA 6 later on a sale, maybe SC6 as well.


They tuned the females of DoA6 into cool characters and less sex objects.. and that's a bad thing? I dont care about SJW's, but your viewpoint is pretty shitty as well. Also, that article you linked. Shove it. It is a totally biased. The Director stated that the breast of the female characters will match their body types, not every female having cup sizes 3x the body size.

Might get SC6. Definitely not until it's on sale, and only if the trophies are reasonable (ie. not too many/any online ones). But I had SC4 back on Xbox 360 and enjoyed that so it's a possibility. Never played a DOA game before and that's almost certainly not going to change.

I'll get DoA 6 for sure. It's my favourite beat em up series! Don't care too much about the looks of the characters. Don't get me wrong, I love Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 (especially in VR!) but when it comes to the main series, gameplay is all that matters to me.

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Neither. I tried but couldn't get myself into them.

When it comes to fighting games I'm mostly a Capcom guy (SF, MvC, Dark Stalkers, Rival Schools etc..) After that, I tend to also be interested in Arc System Works' games and the occasional Smash Bros.