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Forums - Sony Discussion - Spiderman Ps4 has gone gold


We are pleased to announce that #SpiderManPS4 has GONE GOLD for its worldwide release on September 7th. Thanks to @PlayStation and @MarvelGames for their support in the creation of this original Spider-Man adventure.

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Nice pic. Looking forward to Sept, to see how it performs with fans/sales/critics. Of course, I want to play it too, but that's most likely much further away.

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Day One !

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Nice.Not getting it day one, since I have other games Im more interested in, but Ill eventually pick it up.

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ZODIARKrebirth said:

Lol. I'm looking forward to some new Spidermeme material.

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Probably not day one but i'm definitely picking it up.

I have not pre-ordered a game in quite some time but this is already pre-ordered; it's Spidey, it's Insomniac, that's enough for me. I cannot wait to play it.



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My most anticipated fall-game, love that it is coming early in the fall