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Forums - General Discussion - Opinion on smartwatches

What's your take on them? Got one?


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dont have one, but ive warmed up to them since their debut. it seems to add an extra level of convenience to having a small screen on your wrist that can display even simple functions.

Don't really have enough of an opinion on them, because I don't have one. If I did I'd hope it looked like the wrist communicators from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

I don't have them and I try to avoid them. I feel I'd get used to them super quickly though.

I want one. I never used to be a watch person. I borrowed one from my father when I was interviewing for jobs because I think it went well with a suit. Since then I have bought my own analog watch. Next I want to buy a digital sports watch for when I go running and to wear casually. After that I want a smart watch so I will have three in total. Never had an I phone and never will buy one so Apple Watch is not an option. I would only be willing to spend $100 max on one and it better be sleek.

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I'm warming to them, too. Much as anything it would just save me half the times I dig my phone out of my pocket just to check the time or see what kind of notification I just got (along with media controls etc). I'm gonna take a close look at this fall's lineup of smartwatches, but the price will need to be worth the features.

I'm not really a watch guy myself, I've owned a few, one of them being a heirloom of sorts, but never really bothered wearing them... as for smartwatches, it looks really funny when people come into my shop and pay using contactless on their watch, some people don't understand how it works and just rub the back of their wrist (and hand) all over the card machine and I'm standing there trying not to laugh, it's funny to see at times, lol.

That being said, they do seem rather convenient for quite a few things and I definitely understand the appeal and why people like them... but they're just not for me.

I'd rather buy 4 premium pizzas. And I mean premium. All at once just for me, then dump a bunch of pizza in the trash because I can't possibly look at it anymore.

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I used to have one. I used it for about 4 weeks, then I just forgot about it. It really sucks that you have to charge them almost daily. Who does that with a watch? On top of that, most of those watches are ugly as shit. Especially those with a square screen like the Apple Watch. It just looks silly, who wears something like that? I really wouldn't recommend it. Just get yourself a good normal watch. You can get a good watch for as low as 100 bucks. It will run much more precise than any smartwatch in the world and you will almost never have to deal with a dead battery or stuff like that. Good watches last for decades. Smartwatches drain the battery in no time and no matter which one you buy, it will be outdated in 2 years from now.

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I made a thread asking about them a while back. I have a Samsung Gear S3 and I love it but you have to decide for yourself.
What I like;
-i can see all of my phone notifications on my wrist without putting out my phone
-i can answer calls/make calls while keeping both hands free at work
-It can control my music when I'm on the shower (waterproof)
- I can record conversations and nobody knows
-I can leave my phone sitting around and still see though the camera without turning the phone on
-It tracks my steps, sleep, water, heartbeat, etc.
-It looks sexy with customizable watch faces

There's a lot more it can do. Much of it can be done with a phone but I just feel more confident wearing it.

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