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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Upcoming AAA game you're most excited for?


What AAA game are you most looking forward to in 2019?

Resident Evil 2 remake 7 18.92%
Kingdom Hearts III 5 13.51%
Cyberpunk 2077 4 10.81%
The Last of Us Part II 9 24.32%
Devil May Cry 5 0 0%
Gears of War 5 3 8.11%
Death Stranding 1 2.70%
Crackdown 3 0 0%
Anthem 1 2.70%
Other 7 18.92%

What upcoming AAA game are you looking forward to the most?

Anyways, I think my avatar and sig pretty much speak for themselves: REmake 2. One of my favorite games of all time being remade, it pretty much goes without saying that this is what I'm most excited for in 2019. 

Honorable mention goes to Death Stranding, which looks like it'll be coming out in 2019 at this point.

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I was originally hyped for REMake 2, but seeing how it is now, my hype has gone down quite a lot. I'd say the next game I'm slightly more hyped for is RAGE 2. There isn't much else AAA wise that I'm hyped for these days...


I've had more hyped for indie titles than AAA games in recent years

I guess it would have to be Gears 5, as of today.

FIFA 19! Got it preordered already and can't wait for release day

Red Dead Redemption 2

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You wanna know what one I most look forward to? Just a minute. *shoots a zombie that was still crawling towards me* That's better.

Tomb Raider, Red Dead Redemption 2, Just Cause 4, Anthem.

Smash Ultimate. For 2019, my most anticipated game would be the new Pokémon game, but it's hard to be hyped since we don't know anything about it yet.

ZS said:
Red Dead Redemption 2

I was talking about 2019 (and possibly 2020) games.

Spider-man because it looks good an is the closest to release