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Forums - General Discussion - Pro Gamer breaks up with his girlfriend - who happens to be one of the most desired girls in the world.

I normally could give two shits less on what celebrity couple "breaks up", but this one needs a mention because of how unbelievably beautiful the girl is.

For those of you who don't know who Yanet Garcia is:


Douglas Martin, aka Faze Censor - was or had been dating Yanet Garcia for 2 to 3 years. Today he announced that he decided to break up with her because of "not having enough time to focus on Call of Duty" had they stayed together. To each their own, but the reason doesn't sound logical considering Yanet Garcia - who has 6 Million + followers, probably spends a considerable time fulfilling modeling shoots, magazine shoots and of course keeping her daytime job as a Weather Girl.

I'm not trying to stir the pot, but his reason for not having enough time to focus on his career just doesn't add up.

All well I guess. 

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She is honestly not that pretty...

Why would he pick a girlfriend over his career.

How do you find that logical

COD must be his only source for income? He wants the best for her. Not some guy not able to spend time with his girlfriend. I have respect for that.

On the other hand, is it really such a heavy job to be a pro-gamer? I mean, Ninja still lives with his girlfriend/wife? One of the biggest streamers right now.

Could be a purely professional/business excuse. It sounds pathetic coming from a gamer, but imagine the same line from a professional athlete.
You know like Lebron saying he is breaking up with girl friend to concentrate on his sport.

But you need to get off her looks. Just cause a girl may look gorgeous, does not mean that she is interesting or fun to hang out with. It was probably not working and instead of saying he broke up because she bitched too much, didn't do the dishes, wouldn't go down on him, inlaws were annoying, just saw her as a friend finally, fell in love with anoter, ect. or whatever reason for the break-up. He took the PR approach and said it was for his profession. It's basically the public "It's not you it's me excuse"

But like I said, it just sounds pathetic saying you broke up with a girl to play Call of Duty regardless of her looks.

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I couldn't care less.... ow wait, I can =]

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Maybe she wouldn't put out?

she will end up with some player from some real pro team. she looks good, but quite possibly high maintenance.


Maybe she an absolute nightmare to date. Also putting your career before a chick really isnt that odd especailly if hes been with her for 3 years. Probably fancied a change.

Marth said:
She is honestly not that pretty...

Yeah, she's not my type either.