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Forums - Sony Discussion - Hopes for WILD ARMS PS4?


Media Vision, the studio behind the Wild Arms series, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth and Hacker’s Memory, and Valkyria Chronicles 4, is hiring a 2D designer for a new PlayStation 4 RPG.


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It's either Wild Arms or a new Digimon Story game.

Wasn't even aware that it would be a thing... but seems like a dev that have done well recently.

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Why 2d though?

Digimon World 3 esque game.
Cannot fucking wait.

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Id be down for a new Wild Arms game.

think-man said:
Why 2d though?

Yeah, that seems a bit odd. The first two Wild Arms games had 2D elements (combat was in 3D though), but from Wild Arms 3 and onward it was all 3D.

It'll be interesting to see they go back to Wild Arms 2(if this is indeed Wild Arms) design/style, I did not enjoy Wild Arms 3 and 4 one bit.


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The Wild Arms revival is happening on mobile first. Do not expect a console version before that.

3d please!