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Forums - General Discussion - Dear Community, I Am Planning A Walk Around The World, And I Might Need Your Help.

Before I begin, I want to express my deepest gratitude to all of you who commented on my last thread. It meant more than you can imagine!

I know it might be weird that I, a total stranger, from time to time confide in you with my deepest thoughts; but the truth is I feel isolated at the moment, with no one to talk to, except my girlfriend. Though I am a public figure (in Denmark) and have gained a lot of new acquaintances, I have not been able to develop any of them into real friendships, at least not yet. 

In the meantime I hope I can talk to you, whether it is when I am feeling down or dealing with excessive thoughts, like tonight. And with that said I have something on my mind I want to share.

During my transformative years I was held back by the orphanage- and foster care system, and I feel its impact on me every day as I am having an extremely hard time finding my place in society. As of right now, I feel fundamentally underdeveloped compared to young people my age, both emotionally and mentally, and unless I do something soon, I fear, I will never find my place and experience what it is like to be a function part of society.

That is why; in continuation of next year’s March Against Loneliness (a recurring event in Denmark I started two years ago), I have decided to begin my walk around the world.

On this journey I hope to discover myself,  challenge my anxiety and learn more about my loneliness, as well as raise some much needed awareness about loneliness. I plan to partner with loneliness organizations in countries I walk through, to highlight their work and to get a better understanding of loneliness as an international health epidemic. 

I will spend my entire saving, withdrawing $600 per month, spending most on food and gear. I won't pay for accommodation, unless absolutely necessary. Instead I will use my tent, Couchsurfing and the hospitality of the people I meet. And I won't spend any money on transport, only when crossing the ocean. I will probably setup a Patreon and do some public speaking gigs along the way, so financially I should be fine. I hope.

Oh, about the help part; Do you guys know any loneliness organizations in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal or USA? Also, do any of you have any experience with WordPress, and perhaps want to help a newbie out? :) 

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good luck. that is a huge 3+ year commitment and a lot of walking. wish you all the best with everything.

nanarchy said:
good luck. that is a huge 3+ year commitment and a lot of walking. wish you all the best with everything.

Thanks Nanarchy. :)

Eat peanuts.

My prediction in 2021.

SW: 30m

PS5 16m

XBS: 7.5m

I live on the border of Belgium and the Netherlands, if needed you can always spend a night here.
And yeah always take creditcards with you!