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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Square Enix remembers Brave Fencer Mushashi with a 20th Anniversary video - They got something up their sleeves.

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A remake or a port is coming. Most likely a remake, probably the guys who did Mana.

It's good to see that Square Enix remember their smaller franchises.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I loved this game would welcome a remake or new title

Mobile title.

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Such a surprisingly good game. Great memories with this one.

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I was happy to see it. Also didn't know that Tetsuya Nomura did the character design. Pretty cool.

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still remember the game when i played it, great time, where SE brought one great after another, don't forget threads of fate😉

Mobile port incoming.
Now learn a bit and remember you have LoD too, freaking Sony.