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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Would you buy, refund or boycott a game out of political spite?


My purchasing decisions would be effected my a political action, event or group...

Yes. 12 21.43%
No. 24 42.86%
To some extent. 14 25.00%
Not so far but maybe. 5 8.93%
Comments/Indifferent/Middle America... 1 1.79%

Nope. If the game's something I'd like I'll buy it and if it isn't I won't. Couldn't care less about the devs opinions on anything.

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John2290 said:
Ka-pi96 said:
Nope. If the game's something I'd like I'll buy it and if it isn't I won't. Couldn't care less about the devs opinions on anything.

This also extends to actions and intent and repercussions for the future of game development or the effects it may have on other developers if I didn't male that clear. Not just opinions. 

Doesn't change my answer. As long as the game's good, I don't care about the devs.

I expect that the entertainment i like and the creatives behind it will have a bias i don't always agree with so i am able to ignore it.
Star Wars is probably the only franchise where i have become so pissed off by the creative's attitude that I've completely abandoned it

Certainly, especially as I've gotten older. Luckily, I haven't needed to because most devs have some business sense and stayed out of it. I've lost interest in the games by a few devs because they're injecting progressivism into their games. The left has no qualms about injecting their political ideology into entertainment and culture so I would be a fool to ignore anything political in gaming. I don't want gaming to be ruined. If I buy a game even though I highly dislike the dev's politics or some controversy has bothered me, the dev (and other devs) will assume the issue wasn't that bad. In order to disincentivize making a game too political, I have to say something..... if they don't at least listen, I'll speak loudly with my wallet.

A game dev can be a lefty or whatever. Just don't preach to me through your game or say some crazy shit on social media.

Probably, depending on the issue. I boycotted Kecmo when they refused to bring DoAEX3 to the West, so I guess the answer is yes...

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Ka-pi96 said:
Nope. If the game's something I'd like I'll buy it and if it isn't I won't. Couldn't care less about the devs opinions on anything.

This is basically my thoughts on the matter as well.


yeah fuck those morons.


I'd only boycott if the developers are truly nasty, like supporting ISIS or nazis.

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I don't really think I've boycotted games (or much of anything really) for political reasons, but I have a fairly high tolerance for a variety of political views it seems (at least compared to the hysteria I see on Twitter and Facebook).

Obviously if the dang thing was stamped with a Swastika or promoted concepts like racial superiority and/or was designed specifically with antagonizing/vilifying large groups of people in mind I'd steer clear of such garbage, but otherwise I mostly don't care if some employee or even project lead has conflicting political views with my own.

Really, the last time I remember just outright refusing to get a game even if it turned out to be good (thankfully it was not) was that "Hatred" game... it essentially used some of the most disgusting violence imaginable as its gimmick to compensate for lackluster gameplay, and I really didn't want that to succeed and encourage others to follow suit. It engaged in not only brutal physical violence, but even psychological cruelty, and games like that give our community a terrible name.

Well, basically I say no, but it would be a lie that this isn't influence my attitudes towards games or companies. For instance I don't care much for EA, because in my mind they already go down as FIFA and shooters. So I might miss the occasional game outside the schema from them.

Basically I doubt I base my decision to buy entirely in this, but if a company pisses me off, I would not look at releases. A big hyped game might reach my bubble anyways, but small profile releases could miss my attention in such cases. Which in the end means I don't buy it (because I never learned about it in the first place).

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