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Forums - Politics Discussion - TYT News: Racists Beat 91-Year-Old Man With Brick


Do you feel well informed by TYT?

Yes, I received all the info that I needed 2 11.76%
Of coooouuuuurseee! 2 11.76%
Wait a minute...? 8 47.06%
5 29.41%

'insane racist right wingers encouraged by the current administration... fascism is here'

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I'm not sure she was a right-wing facist.

Typical TYT, here's your stereotypical "insane racist right winger": 

All I have to say is this. Lock her up for the rest of her natural life.

I mean screw that woman and I hope she rots in prison for the rest of her life, but TYT, What kinda bullshit headline is this? Bumping into a toddler=Right-wing fascism? If this isn't fake news then I don't know what would be considered under the circumstances.

Screw this Woman and TYT

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I'm not sure what the argument is here. "She can't be racist because she was black"? Isn't that the exact position that right leaning individuals have been mocking for years?

So they were so sure the perpetrator was a right-wing Trump-supporter they didn't even bother waiting for the facts., way to lose the little credibility they have left

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The Woman is right wing? are they sure about that?

Even if she told him to come back to Mexico while beating him she wasn't charged for a hate crime?

This is America under President Manbaby. Congrats America, you're a fascist shithole now.