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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Struggling to enjoy Metroid: Samus Returns

Let me start by saying, I really enjoy the Metroid Series, both 2D and 3D, have played them all except pinball. Like most, i was very excited to get my hands on this, but I'm late to starting because of backlogs of games. none the less, 1st 30 minutes in, it felt great. by the 2nd hour, it felt very off, dull and a chore to play. 

The main thing I'm not enjoying is the need to constantly counter every enemy, and the free aim got old very quick. 

I've had a few friends hype to me that this was the best metroid ever, but i can't see how this is even in the runnings with Zero mission, Super metroid or Fusion. 

I'm at the point i just want to watch a youtube play through video.

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I personally loved this game! I can understand if you find it's a bit annoying to melee counter every enemy at first. Though believe me, the game really picks up as you collect more powerful weapons, which lessens the need to melee counter unless you want a faster kill on a boss. Plus, there's some killer boss battles in the later half of the game!

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Sorry you're not enjoying it...
I loved every second of it...

Have a nice day...

I felt the same way about countering all the time. This game surely has ups and downs. Still enjoyed it quite a lot and being in the middle of my second run.

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I am a huge Metroid fan. The original for the new is my top game of all time simply because no other game impacted me the same way. And I’ve played every game including pinball. I loved playing the of Samus returns off of the eShop. But when the video of this remake debuted I felt practically nothing from it. Samus character model looks unimpressive. The counters feel forced and take away from the gameplay of a real Metroid game.

I never bought a copy of the game and have all but threw in the towel. The last Metroid game I truly loved was Echoes. I expect nothing short of a ground breaking master piece. At this point I believe, short of virtual reality or massively multiplayer online, The series is forced to retread paths already taken. Obviously that’s not to be expected in a remake. I’m just saying. Remakes should bring out the best of the original remaining true to the original concept. And new games should be totally mind blowing. 

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It's a bit of an acquired taste tbh as it's different to other 2D Metroid games in approach due to Metroid 2's structure it's not the top tier as Metroid goes but it's not bad either a lot of praise does come from how it's a good remake of what is considered a poor entry.

Enemies pattern are way more agressive than previous games so the counter option is fair.

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Tbh I never felt the counter to be overemphasized, if you don't want to use it you can dodge enemies and shoot them with your other attacks, Samus is one of the most agile characters you could play as. For the free aim I don't know what to say, it's just better this way, I know you you might be used to set angulations but it's so smooth you shouldn't have any problems getting used to it

Metroid: Samus Returns is a pretty good example of something sounding perfect to a lot of people before playing it, and then people having a very different perception afterwards.

There's been a lot of critique from the Metroid community ( a lot of it on Youtube ) so it's not really surprising.

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I loved it. I can't say it is super metroid or fusion level, but is close.
I didn't use counter that much, but free aim was really handy, used everytime.
The main concern on gameplay is not about the game, is on the system. The combination of buttons and action on 3ds hurts my hands. What was odd, because I didn't want to stop playing even with hands hurting. (I usually don't play fast paced action games on 3ds,at least not for hours like I did in sr)
I think the problem is more the bosses, they feel repetitive.
But it passed all sensation metroid used to pass.