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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Its been 3 years since Satoru Iwata died.

Well those 3 years have passed by quickly. Was a terrible loss at the time, but his legacy in the gaming industry continues to live on...


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An incredible man

Damn, I thought it had only been a year. Time flies.

Didn't always agree with his vision for Nintendo, but you can't deny his passion for gaming.

I will always be saddened by his passing, RIP.

But as always, the worst part of it all for me is that he couldn't be here to see the fruits of his latest, greatest device.

You'll always be missed, Iwata!

Wow three years already.

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"At the beginning of development, the game was going to be a stand-alone title unrelated to the Xeno series, bearing the title Monado: The Beginning of the World. Later, then-Nintendo president Satoru Iwata had the title changed to its current one to honor both Takahashi's previous titles and the effort he was investing in Xenoblade Chronicles."

Hmm. Time flies, it seems.

He was a loveable person.

If only more people like him were in charge of the gaming industry, it would be a much better place. For the gamers instead of the investors.

Honestly, if more people like him were in charge of the WORLD, we'd all be better off. The guy cut his pay in half rather than lay off a single worker. He wouldn't sacrifice their lives and livelihoods to appease a bunch of shareholders. I can't of many in any sort of leadership position that would do that.

That man's work went Directly to many gamers hearts and shall remain there for decades to come for those of us who played some of the titles he was a part of creating.

RIP Iwata :(

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