Forums - Nintendo Discussion - BOLD PREDICTION: Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Currently 17.68mil) Will Sell over 25mil WW Lifetime, Book IT

quickrick said:
This will be a good thread to get a few laughs in the future.

Indeed. Even I undersold it somehow. It was not bold at all, it was a certainty. But yeah QuickRick, wherever you are. We are laughing alright.

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Great to see Smash sell so much. I didn't even realize until after Ultimate came out that the best seller in the series was only like 12 million before, that seems so low for the series! But I guess Smash has only been on one good selling console until now and that was Wii in which a lot of the owners were non-gamers from the blue ocean strategy so they aren't the type of people to pick up Smash. Now we have the same kind of sales as Wii but selling much more to regular gamers, so finally Smash is hitting the kind of numbers you'd expect of the series.

I freakin love this game. Got it shortly after it came out, played it a few hours then put it away for a year as I barely gamed at all last year, just started playing again a month ago and I'm over 50 hours now and its my second most played Switch game, about to beat the single player game, and feel like I'm just getting started with the game as a whole! I could see getting Goldeneye (probably my most played game ever) level play time out of this game long term.

Looking forward to seeing it pass 20 million soon and 25 million by the end.

Userbase normally doesn't scale with sales performance but you know what I get the feeling that the more NS sells the more first party sales are scaling with it.

It broke 12 no problem. And it will break 20. Still doubting the 25.

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bubblegamer said:
I like these kind of threads, very funny later on. See you guys in a couple of years.

Yes. See you in a few months, then.