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Forums - Sports Discussion - Juventus F.C. purchases Cristiano Ronaldo for 100M€ from Real Madrid

In an historical deal for Serie A the portuguese champion decided to part from Real Madrid to adventure in a new journey in the main italian league.

Andrea Agnelli leaving Pisa airport towards Greece

Earlier today Andrea Agnelli, chairman for Juventus F.C., fllew to Greece with a private plane to Greece where Cristiano Ronaldo was taking an holiday after the elimination from the World Cup, here is probably where the final details for Cristiano's new contract were decided.



Edit: as a reminder: Ronaldo is supposed to be the face of FIFA 19, this means EA is kinda screwed right now since all the ads they already made are dated, just like the boxart of the game and possibly even the story mode

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He probably wanted to leave Spain because they found out his tax evasion.

Good for Juve, I hope they get more places so this time they can win champions league

Should have remained in Madrid for other 2-3 years and then move to Portugal as a form of farewell. Still, a living leyend of Real Madrid has finally moved on, hopefully he does well in Juventus.

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i know ronaldo is the best player in the world, but i didn't find it right to pay such high sums...

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Crazy how the transfer market keeps going. I thought when Madrid bought him they spent "silly money", but they managed to have huge success and sell him on the back end for a profit. Say what you will about them, this was amazing business.

I guess we're about to see lots of CR FCA ads.

It's the right deal at the right time for all 3 parties involved.

Bit much for a player only going downhill from here, doubt he will win them the CL

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Well, 60% of Real Madrid's fans just became Juventus fans.