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Can someone tell me why the more obscure Japanese games have these gibberish titles?

You know, like "Ziri Ziri Zombie Relaunch Initiative Re: Coded Double Impact Tonshiri Moon Rabbit School".

What? :D

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seems it's something they like, but i think it could something be a problem of translation, as in japanese a word has very different meanings

They are just playing.

Don't take that   seriously.

A lot of Japanese books, manga or light novel have long name too, they frequently use an entire sentence for the title.

But in video games, they like to add things like Xtrem, Double or others on top of that, because they love to use useless English words in anything anyway. It's apparently considered cool here.

You should see Japanese porn titles.

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I'm sure it's just a Japanese quirk. No deep meaning behind it.

And vivster is right. There are some ridiculously long porn titles.

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Even the short titles often sound stupid in English. I have always assumed it is translation related.

I mean, you can't a best exageration than "Final" Fantasy on the market, Where at the 15th "Final" now and it still won't stop.

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vivster said:
You should see Japanese porn titles.

So true. I've only dabbled in JAV, but have made note of some ridiculously long titles.

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I think they do it to be intentionally humorous...or maybe just a cultural difference?

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