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Forums - Website Topics - Hello VGC, Let's Talk "SJW" And The Political Climate Of The Site

Of late, we've had a few topics come and go of a specific nature. In each case, the threads deal with "agendas" and the current climate of Political Correctness. Everything from Battlefield V, to Naughty Dog, to Star Wars, you name it. We've seen the topic crop up a time or two. I've even had my fair share of errors in approaching this, which I'll get to later.

So, here's what's going to happen (at least from my point of view). We're gonna do better. I don't want to shutdown people trying to express their opinions, nor do I want those on the opposite end of the coin to feel we let them be targets. In a recent topic I locked, I said the phrase 'SJW' was "like a cancer". In reviewing it , and listening to feedback from colleagues, I realize that it has reached a point around here that needs to be looked at again. What I meant, specifically, was the impact it has had on the site. However, that wasn't the best way to approach it, as my point was lost in the wording. So, I'd like to apologize for that. The topic, itself, had gotten bad enough that a lock was appropriate, but I realize the wording became an enemy. 

Now, let's address the term SJW. Some hate it, some don't mind it. Sure, I have my issues with it (mainly the moments/ways it is used, not so much the term itself), but let's take a look at it. Obviously, (Social Justice Warrior) was coined more recently, again, given the nature of the current political climate. So, here's my suggestion—if you choose to use it, do so in a way that doesn't make anyone feel insulted. It's a double-edged sword and one I, and others on The Mod Team, are trying to work better with regarding its impact on topics. When I said "we're gonna do better", it means as a whole. Let's not call anyone that as a means of insult, or, attack anyone who uses the term to describe a scenario in a way they know how. 

I'm going to work closely with everyone on The Mod Team to make sure that we treat these things as neutrally as we can. You guys deserve it and I hold a responsibility to that. Just remember to keep your fellow users in mind when talking about these things (be they gay/lesbian, transgender or sexual/race/religion/political affiliation). We aren't going to all agree (and that's a good thing - everyone should have a voice), but we should be able to be considerate of others' views. As one of the Head Moderators, I promise you that this subject will be treated better in the future and I ask that you bear with us as we continue to learn and evolve as climates change. 

This is not a threat of "new rules" or a Warning of impending authoritative actions. This is from me to you that we, as a Staff, will do better in addressing these kinds of things and hope that you, as the user, do so with everyone you come in contact with on VGChartz. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and look forward to continue to work with everyone. 

*PS I give a particular shout out to Axumblade, Miguel_Zorro, Ryuu96, and TalonMan for their input in this discussion. Y'all remain pinpoint colleagues in this and I appreciate every bit of growth I've gotten from working with you.