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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ratchet (2016) is Insomniac's most successful game

"The budget-priced movie-tie-in Ratchet & Clank game we made which got an 85 metacritic and is the most successful Ratchet/Insomniac game of all time."


One of the developers said this on resetera. Their previous best seller was spyro on 4.83m. This is superb news. I'm delighted to hear it. Should guarantee they remake ratchet 2 aswell right? 

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Well, I don't know if we'll necessarily see a remake of 2, considering that it was meant to be an introduction to the series because of the movie's release, if anything I'd expect a new release.

Since it was sort of a mix between a remake and reboot, I hope that, rather than remake the second game, they decide to create a whole new story off it instead, would be great in my opinion. And I'm not surprised it's doing well, although I'm not sure it's their best seller in terms of numbers just yet, but will probably have made the most money due to lower production costs (It was shared with the movie if I'm not mistaken)... then again with digital sales thrown in, it COULD be their best selling game, depends how well those numbers are, lol

I couldn't get into this one.

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That's great to hear! I do hope we get a sequel.

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I dont believe it. How are they measuring success? Surely R&C did not outsell Spyro? They must mean profit? Revenue?

Amazing game. I remember being awed at the pixar like graphics

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I'm pretty sure he means for IPS they still develop

That's amazing, I hope we get another Ratchet title (preferably a brand new game) on the ps4.

Loved the game. I've played through it twice. I may go back for round 3 at some point.