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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Should Nextbox go for the headstart, or wait for PS5 to make the first move?


I think MS should...

Get a headstart and relea... 21 38.18%
Release alongside PS5 17 30.91%
Let PS5 go first 17 30.91%

With the 360, MS aimed to get the jump on PS3, releasing a year earlier and therefore ending up in a good position to capitalize on Sony's 2006 blunders and eat into their marketshare.

With Xbox One, they released almost simultaneously with PS4, but the tables were turned and it was Sony who were able to take advantage of MS's 2013 hubris and reclaim some of the marketshare lost in the 7th gen.

Then, with Xbox One X, they let PS4 Pro go first, then took a year to prepare their answer to it.

With the PS5 and Project Scarlet on the horizon, which approach do you think would be best for Microsoft to take; to try to get a headstart on PS5 by releasing first, to release simultaneously, or let PS5 go first so they can then formulate a response?

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I think they will release the Project Scarlet before the PlayStation 5.

But, at least for me, they should wait to see what Sony is planning to do. We know nothing about the next Sony Console.

They will release at the same time.

Releasing 1 year earlier would make it look like a PS4.75 in terms of power, so a lot of people would wait for the PS5 to get the "real" next gen console. The "pro" versions made all of this more blurry. Next gen will launch when both consoles are out, not before that.

Releasing earlier will be bad as Sony can just release PS5 at a lower cost later. I think they should release together

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"According to WCCFTech, there are at least three different Navi GPUs set for release. Navi 10, which will utilise a 7nm manufacturing process, will likely be the first Navi graphics card to make it out the gate, and is set to arrive in either the second half of 2019 or early 2020."

"Something called Navi 14 will then follow this “soon after”, but Navi 20, AMD’s first high-end Navi GPU based on the 7nm process, probably won’t arrive until later in 2020, and may even be as late as 2021."

I somehow get the feeling if the Navi PS5 rumors are true, that it's possible we will see a 10TF XB Scarlet late 2019 or early 2020, with a 14TF PS5 launch sometime in 2020. This allows XB to launch slightly ahead if not alongside the PS5. Based on Phil's future "consoles" remark, I also wonder if we could see a 2021 XB Scarlet X. 

The dates line up way too good for next gen. The mention of 'even as late as 2021' has me thinking that would line up with the typical XB 4 year cycle, and XB1X owners could look at it as they have the choice to keep their console with it's FC, upgrade immediately to a 10TF/60FPS version, or wait a year or two and have the 'mid gen' 20TF upgrade again. 

All XB would have to do is announce both at the same time like they did with XB1S and XB1X, and make sure it happens after PS5 is announced. They will end up with the cheaper console right off the bat and also end up with the most powerful console about a  year after the PS5 launches.

Then again, maybe XB holds off altogether until 2021 and let's the PS5 launch at 14TF holiday 2020 and then they launch XB Scarlet holiday 2021 with 20TF.

XB1 vs PS4 = 42% TF gap

PRO vs XB1X = 42% TF gap

10TF vs 14TF = 40% TF gap

14TF vs 20TF = 42% TF gap

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I think XBox Next should come after the PS5. the One X already came out one year after the Pro and will need that extra year to get a bigger gap in performance between itself and the X

Neither. Microsoft should look out for their own plan, create a console with their own idea of gaming and don't care what the competition does. This looking at each other is bad, it has reduced the competition by exchangable consoles although there are different options. Instead each should concentrate on unique gameplay ideas.

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I dont think it really matters. The 360 was a huge success last gen. Aslong as they launch with a killer app (cough Halo Infinite) and make a good value console with a good blend of price and power.
Theres going to be mid gen upgrades next gen so doesn't matter who launches with more power at the start, just aslong as there close to eachother.

I think Microsoft is coming earlier this time around for 9th gen. Games are starting to look more and more realistic by the year even on current console hardware, and they said they want to improve on performance for the next console. I'm guessing they know the jump in graphics from the One X to the Nextbox won't be big (9th gen is when 4K will become the standard, and the One X already does 4k perfectly fine), but it will still be better, just they want to outperform Sony in terms of FPS on the games.

It should come out 2020, even with the One X being out in 2017. It will just perform really well in 4K, and who knows, maybe a handheld capable of Play Anywhere and outputting the same performance as the XBS?!?. With a 7 year gap surely mobile technology should be able to outperform the old console hardware by then shouldn't it?.

And 2020 would be a great year for console launch since Forza Horizon 5 would be a great console seller for the first year.

With Sony's current hardware sales I don't think there would be any rush to get new hardware out, because quite evidently it is software that sells hardware, and as long as they are pushing out software that appeals to consumers, than the PS4 can last a long lifespan. Just the Nextbox would have a 1 year start on best 3rd party platform if it came out a year earlier.

I feel like Nintendo is going to get left in the dirt by the casual market sometime soon, They want the Switch to last long, but it still outputs 7th gen graphics and their two main competitors are 2 years away from dropping new hardware that will be capable of native 4k. All they will have left is their dedicated fans who simply aren't a big enough market for sustainability. They need a Switch pro to come out around that time capable of 8th gen graphics (1440P or something that is cheap around that time).

It helps a lot. NES was dominant before the Master System.
Genesis held off SNES way longer than it should have.
Helped PS1 destroy the N64.
PS2 pretty much had the gen won before the first Xbox or GameCube ever sold.
Gave Dreamcast the "biggest launch ever" at the time.
The Xbox 360 wouldn't have even been an option without a headstart over the PS3.

It's not a guarantee it win the generation (see Wii) but it's better than launching head to head with a platform that could stay all of your thunder. Unless it's going to be undenii better than PS5, they'd better launch first and build a lead.

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