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MH world...

Best MH game 19 67.86%
Top three MH games 5 17.86%
Poor MH game 1 3.57%
Terrible MH game 1 3.57%
Terrible game 0 0.00%
GoTY 0 0.00%
Comments/indifferent/middle America.... 2 7.14%

I'm a bit late to the party here but I'd love to know what weapons you main in MH world and as a monster hunter fan or not, what you think of this game. I played Monster hunter on ps2 when it was a lot more accessible but skipped the years inbetween which now I see was a foolish choice, anyway a LOT has changed regardless. 

I've clocked 20 hours in world, I'd imagine its a bit more with my earlier character and I did have a few hours in the beta but I'd say all of that time has been learning the games systems, finding a weapon to main and a side weapon and I'm still weary I have more as there is a bit of the map yet to unlock, just opened the rotten dale.

I settled on an Kinsect glaive which is a pretty deep weapon and as I'm continually improving with it I can see that depth paying off big time, prefering the blunt kinsect with a fire element and speed atm. I back that up with a hunter rifle for support in hunts that already have mad DPS or capture missions. 

I've seen the gameplay loop so many people talk about and it is an abyss I'm flirting with at the moment, you know a loop is strong when you choice to go on mushroom gathering quests over fighting a 150 foot Elder dragon made of lava :D. So yeah, gamplay here is strong and while the dynamic nature leads to some frustrating moments coming in one can see the time that will be spent will over come these and I'm now jumping around older monsters  like the Barroth and Anjanath with ease on my Kinsect pogo glaive but still getting hammered by large monsters in the crystal map or even the damn Rathian.

So, Is this the best MH Game yet? If not why and what's your go to choice weapons?


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On par with MH Tri for me which i rated my favourite MH game.
Also i love the Switch Axe, great versatility for a 2h and has a ton of damage when used right.


Played freedom and portable 3rd on psp, did not play for long as my thumbs hurt from those cramped button locations, played MH3U on wii u but got bored for some reason, played MHO on pc for about 50 plus hours but stopped as new games came out and the english patch didnt translate everything on there and I got a bit tired of it, now with MHW, I've put 70 plus hours, just beat Teostra and Kushala, Vaal is next, and I'm in love with the Charge Blade, when I first saw MHW trailer I thought Insect Glaive would be my main, but I never touched it once, not even practice with it, but it may change in the near future, this is the best MH game for me so far.


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I'm using the great sword. Hard as fuck to actually land a proper heavy blow, but when it hits...when it hits, woooo boy it HITS.
I've never played a MH game prior to MHW, so I'm having a lot of fun with this one. I'm currently running through the vale as well.

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Played a lot of mh andmhw is 100% the best, cant go back anymore.


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Haven't been able to play it yet, but I'll likely get to play the Switch MH game that comes out seemingly before the PC port of MHW (which could end up like gutter trash). For all I know the Switch MH could be my favorite of all time. If the PC port is trash, then it'll easily go to the Switch game. Just like with Neir, I'm not a charity case for awards, since the PC port was crap I ended up avoiding the game altogether. 


I've played every Monster Hunter game, and I've been playing them since the very first game's launch day. I remember first reading about it in Play Magazine, in the same issue that talked about Sudeki for the Xbox. Monster Hunter World is the breath of fresh air the series was in dire need of, changing the mechanics in a major way that makes it really hard to go back to old MH styles.

As far as where it stands, from a gameplay perspective is number one. It doesn't have as many monsters as most of the other games, but the gameplay is so much better in World that I give the "best" title to it.

Favorite weapon is Longsword. I love the footwork involved and how I'm constantly moving while attacking. It's almost like a dance.

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JinxRake said:
I'm using the great sword. Hard as fuck to actually land a proper heavy blow, but when it hits...when it hits, woooo boy it HITS.
I've never played a MH game prior to MHW, so I'm having a lot of fun with this one. I'm currently running through the vale as well.

I upgraded it 3 pr 4 steps and gave it a try, 780+ dmg dayyymmm. However that is for sure a Multiplayer weapon right, get other to lore in the monster and whack?

Mobility seems to go a long way in this game, so the Glaives jump mechanics is so useful its almost OP but the main reason I started using it was it requires you to hit certain spots on a monsters body to up certain buffs and I thought that mechanic would help me identify and strategize monsters better. I had no idea it would end up being so powerful when buffed and the ability to mount the monster on the fly...mhmm. delicious. Great balance between mobility, dmg and with a defense buff it and free for the tougher monsters its a great single player weapon but most of all is it FUN. I'd nearly wrote this game off s having stamina based souls combat until I tried it. 


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Anyone know if there is a way to indetify post launch content and will there be a season pass here, dlc/expansion or will they continue free smaller updates?


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