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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Peach, Daisy, Rosalina or Pauline?

So, Mario has had 4 love interests throughout the series (well, 3 rather, I'm not sure if Rosalina ever actually was a love interest to him). So, the question must ultimately be asked; which one is the best?!?

Pauline: the OG, she is much less popular than the others, but she has seen a bit of a resurgence in popularity after her appearance in Super Mario Odyssey

Peach: By far the most popular, she has a very, very big problem with getting kidnapped. However, she is the one that is generally depicted as Mario's love interest

Daisy: while she is now more closely associated with Luigi, as a matter of fact her debut appearance in Super Mario Land actually had her as yet another love interest of Mario. For some reason she used to have darker skin that seems to have been toned down throughout the years.

Rosalina: The newest of the 4, however she has become pretty popular too via her appearances in Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros. and select Mario Sports games. I don't think she has ever been an official love interest of Mario though, which separates her from the other three.

So everybody, who would you choose? I'd say that Rosalina is mine.

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I honestly didn't know three of them were love interests.

Rosalina for me though.

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That actually reminded me of this,lol.

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Super_Boom said:
I honestly didn't know three of them were love interests.

Rosalina for me though.





Hope she becomes a part of more games in the future.

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Are we talking best for Mario or just the best? If it's for Mario....well I have bad news for the dude, he's been friend zoned hard and should probably try his chances with someone, how should I put it, more in his league. I mean, I know he saves the world on the regular but....well he's a fat man who cosplays as a plumber, he barely speaks and he's....small....he's not a bad guy but these women clearly want something else in a man.

The poor guy, I bet a nice Toad woman would love him and he'd be very happy but he just gets fixated on the pretty princesses, Peach in particular despite the fact that in many games she shows exactly as much affection for his somewhat slimmer, taller and younger brother. Which is to say not much but Luigi doesn't let it get to his head, he knows what this is, which is why he sits out of some of the adventures, like when he hears Mario is going to try proposing on the moon. Luigi has probably talked to Mario about this, maybe even introduced him to some girls but Mario just won't forget that kiss on the nose or that cake, he believes he still has a chance. It's pretty sad really.

If we're talking best girl, then it's Daisy.

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The day Mario gets married to Peach is the day Nintendo closes up shop. Otherwise, Bowser would need to find someone else to kidnap, and he's not exactly interested in the others.


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In my opinion, Rosalina > Pauline > Peach > Daisy.

Daisy is just really loud, just in case you haven't noticed.



i love Rosalina's design and character the best, but i feel like they were too quick to saturate her into the Mario universe. being a main character in one game hardly warrants the amount of spinoffs she has appeared in.