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From what they showed at E3 all you do in the game is walk so not surprised .

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im sure that Death Stranding will have a very high production value when it launches, there is no question about that. but the nature of the game is something else. normally im a fan of the weird and obscure stuff that usually goes over most people's heads but this game is borderline creepy. there are sequences where you deliver corpses across huge stretches of the map. your character carries a living human fetus in their backpack. there are strange invisible entities that appear to haunt you. and all the while i dont think weve seen any form of dialog. simply put, there is a lot going on that would turn the average player in the other direction

Nothing I've seen about the game has made it look even remotely fun to play for me, but the word of one nameless "prolific dev" means nothing. They might have just been showing environments and walking because the other mechanics aren't polished enough yet, or to set a certain expectation to break it later.

The game will be worth playing, if not only for the crazy atmosphere and plot.

The gameplay isn't the star here. All we saw was stealth of sorts. It seems more like a terror game with little in the way of action. It's all atmosphere.

So, i don't doubt someone didn't like it, but it doesn't make me less intrigued. It's Kojima. We know he delivers.

It may or may not suck but in the end I'll buy it lol



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Overly high expectations can kill a game, especially an artsy game like this. I still have no idea what genre it is, or what's it about. If it was any other game, I'd say it looks like a mess. But perhaps that's the endgame...

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Is hard to judge if he didn't liked because the game was broken,it wasn't engaging or just wasn't his cup of tea. You can easily find many people that hated really acclaimed games because it didn't fit their style. But they also showed so very little of this game,even on E3,that could turn out any way. Kojima being a genious is the main thing holding hype up so far,more even than the small reports of the game itself.

This really isn't worth reporting, there will always be people who don't like any game you wish to mention, especially unfinished ones. In this instance it isn't even specified what they didn't like, "x person doesn't like Death Stranding" and they are only trying to lend the sense of legitimacy (and to hide that they have nothing to report) by pointing out this anonymous player was a prolific developer.


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jason1637 said:
From what they showed at E3 all you do in the game is walk so not surprised .

And since when are we supposed to rely on Kojima's trailers? 


Solid was a great MC in MGS2 and Moby Dick is an awesome studio responsible for The Phantom Pain, right ?