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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Shuntaro Furukawa Is Now Officially The President Of Nintendo Co., Ltd

Shuntaro Furukawa is the new President of Nintendo Co., Ltd., after Tatsumi Kimishima officially stepped down at The 78th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in Kyoto earlier today.

Furukawa joins Kimishima, Satoru Iwata, Hiroshi Yamauchi, Sekiryo Kaneda and Fusajiro Yamauchi as just six men who have held the Nintendo presidency since the company founded in 1889.

A few months ago, Tatsumi Kimishima announced that he would be stepping down as president of Nintendo. He had also named Shuntaro Furukawa as his successor.

During the company’s 78th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders today, Furukawa was officially named Nintendo’s new president. We have the following comments from both Furukawa and Kimishima:


“I was appointed president due to the sudden passing of our former president, but due to the support of a great deal of good people – including shareholders – the Switch was released without a hitch. I don’t think I could retire at a better time. Thank you very much.”


“I will now be taking office as president and will serve as such at all future Board of Directors meetings. As a company, we will continue to change with the times, but no matter what we will continue to be a company that incorporates flexibility and ingenuity into the entertainment we produce – and continue to be devoted to making people smile.”

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Too bad. You'll get it next time for sure, Reggie!

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

It seems like a good pick. He's quite young, he may be able to keep the push for software innovation going.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Nintendo is in such a good place right now, he is really lucky that Kimishima got them here. Here's hoping Furukawa can continue their success.

Hopefully he will be in the company for decades to come. IMO one of Nintendo's strengths is having the same leadership for years. Kimi was just temporary, and Iwata died so suddenly. Had Iwata not died, I imagine he would have been president well into his seventies. 

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I hope it works out well. He has a successful console right now, and his job is to maintain the same level of succes for years to come. Also, I hope he's a fan of F-Zero.Flex your ceo muscles.

I have no idea why, but he gives me Pokey Minch vibes.

Cool I guess?

Now I await for my Fire Emblem body pillows Bring em' on Cherry Boy!

I always feel uneasy when someone new takes over. I thought Kimishima was doing a good job before his announcement of retiring, so hopefully this guy doesn't take Nintendo in the opposite direction again.

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