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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PUBG drops Lawsuit Against Fortnite

The studio behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has dropped its lawsuit against the creators of global sensation Fortnite, ending a legal battle between two of the world’s hottest games.

PUBG Corp. sent a letter of withdrawal to Epic Games Inc.’s attorneys on Monday and the South Korean case has since closed, according to the website of the local court system. PUBG and its law firm confirmed the action but wouldn’t say why, nor whether a settlement had been reached. Representatives for Epic in Korea had no immediate comment.

Both are part-owned by social media and gaming giant Tencent Holdings Ltd. and have carved out commanding positions in the Battle Royale format. But PUBG contended in January that Epic’s Fortnite mimicked many of the characteristics of its own title. The copyright infringement accusation came as PUBG separately sued China’s Netease Inc. for allegedly basing two games -- Rules of Survival and Knives Out -- on its product.


PUBG, an affiliate of South Korean studio Bluehole Inc., has sold more than 44 million copies of its marquee title for personal computers and Microsoft Xbox since its launch last year. But the Hunger Games-style game has seen its popularity wane as Fortnite’s has waxed. Like PUBG, Fortnite features 100 people slaughtering each other, but differs by letting players build fortifications similar to Minecraft and using cartoon-like graphics.

To complicate matters, Epic provides PUBG with its Unreal Engine technology, used to create PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and an industry standard for professional game developers.




I dont think this was a settlement done in the quiet.... so who the hell knows why they dropped it, but they did.
Maybe negative press? Maybe they didnt think their case was too good? Maybe Tencent stepped in and asked them to stop?

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looks like someone read the fine print in all those contracts.

plus it didnt look good at all, not to mention the blow back already for the "Event Pass" monthly fee they introduced to PC, you know its coming to xbox later on.

fuck that game and the monthly fee, which you already have to have one for gold and then to add one for a single game? fuck off blue butt hole inc.


At least they had enough sense to drop it considering they didn't invent battle royale. They didn't have a case. They should have focused on fixing enough bugs to able get on the other consoles instead of acting like a jealous ex-girlfriend. 

There really should be some kind of fine or something for ridiculous law suits like that.

I can kinda understand that they are frustrated that Fortnite stole their thunder, but a frivolous lawsuit like this was doomed to fail. How about improving your game instead

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Suing a game company because their game is similar to yours is no different than trying to say you own an entire genre. With Bluehole’s logic, the creators of DOOM might as well try and sue every MP-focused FPS developer ever. Stupid court case was doomed to fail; they were just hoping they could scare Epic.

On a side note, what developer is dumb enough to sue the company that develops and licenses the engine their own game is running on?

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Smart company. They would have gotten destroyed, and even if they won it's Epic's engine.

Of course they dropped,they already got the free marketing. Honestly,it is all they wanted.

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They were doomed from the moment they even filed the lawsuit. theyre game has been declining in popularity due to their own negligence and inability to take action against cheaters and improve their game. now enter Fortnite, the game that receives frequent updates that expand on the story and game play. not to mention the staff are quick to notice and patch bugs immediately. even if you you despise Fortnite, you have to give the devs that much, right now they are more in touch with their fanbase and what their fans want than any other gaming company on the planet. PUBG Corp is just upset that they do not have the knowledge and/or resources to make their game of the same quality.


Some cheek of them to try and sue fortnite. They will just have to suck it up now. Onwards and upwards for fortnite.