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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Which version of Captain Toad will be the best seller?


Which version sells more?

Wii U 2 8.70%
Switch 17 73.91%
3DS 4 17.39%
PS4 (aka: I admit I'm a troll.) 0 0%

Switch: System is hot right now. Possibly the best version of the game.


3DS: Biggest userbase. Dual screens.


WiiU: Had the market to itself. The original.


What's your choice and why? Sorry. I only have like two minutes to create an op. I did my best. 

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Switch version, Wii U is dead, 3DS is dying, Switch will be popular around 5 next years so Switch games will keep selling in same time period.

Definitely the Switch version.

Switch. The Wii U had a limited audience and the majority of the 3DS's audience has moved on.

The Switch version for sure. It's got all the Switch hype.

Now the real question, which I'm sure we are all thinking, is which version will I get?? Dunno man - that 3D effect seems to fit this game perfectly on 3DS. But it looks nicer on Switch. And the Wii U version has those 3DS level, which I think sound cool. I'm probably just gonna get the original second-hand somewhere and be happy

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Wii U. i don't think it will sell more than that!


Switch should easily get it I'd imagine

The version for Switch will sold similarly to WiiU (around 1.5 million).

3DS version will sold maybe 0,5 mln.

The 3DS-version probably won't sell well at all and is a pointless release. My guess is that Switch -version will slightly outsell the WiiU-version which actually didn't sell that poorly