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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PQube cancels Omega Labyrinth Z western release on PS due to disagreement with Sony over sexual content

"PQube strives to release Japanese content for its fans as close to the source material as possible. In the case of Omega Labyrinth Z, while PQube has worked with all relevant age rating bodies in their respective territories, PQube must respectfully comply with the wishes of the platform holder and have therefore withdrawn any future plans for Omega Labyrinth Z’s European and North American release on PS4 and PS Vita."

The game made it past the ESRB with an M for Mature rating, but it seems like Sony asked for censoring before they'd allow it to release on Playstation and PQube refused. 

The ESRB rating for the game:

This is a role-playing game in which players help an adventurer (Aina Akemiya) on a quest to increase her chest size. As players explore labyrinthian dungeons, they use swords to kill enemy creatures (e.g., ghouls, goblins, monkeys) in melee-style combat; characters are depicted slashing enemies to drain their life meter. The game contains sexual material and partial nudity: One interactive mini-game requires players to tap heart icons located on female characters' body parts (e.g., breasts, buttocks, thighs); during these sequences, characters make sexual moaning sounds and are depicted in revealing outfits (e.g. deep cleavage, partially exposed buttocks), provocative poses (e.g., legs spread, buttocks protruding near the screen, characters restrained), and suggestive situations (e.g., a nude woman covered in desert items and frosting)—successful completion of the mini-game results in characters' losing most of their clothing, revealing partially nude bodies obscured by objects/effects (e.g., light, water splashes, rose petals). In another mini-game, players are required to "fondle" a woman's chest to stimulate the growth of a crystal rod found between her breasts. Some gallery images also depict female characters bathing nude, though their breasts and groin area are obscured by steam.

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I am not surprised. It was getting banned everywhere. I saw some of "content" from this game and ... wow, they took it to the extreme. Go look at that crystal rod thing.

I worry for the future of Senran Kagura at this point, I hope that Sony doesn't block it, and that Marvelous doesn't start censoring the western release. From what I'm reading about Omega Labyrinth Z it's a very similar situation to Senran Kagura. Both offer partial nudity with censored nipples and crotches, both have minigames that let you touch the girls, both have outfits that disintegrate.

Cross play block,censorship...what is up with Sony in 2018 doing stuff Nintendo would do in 2012?

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Stuart23 said:
Cross play block,censorship...what is up with Sony in 2018 doing stuff Nintendo would do in 2012?

Think about the childrens! 

Sony is definitely protecting them Playstation childrens. 

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Steam it is, then, especially since Valve has taken a libertarian stance on what content can be published in its storefront.

Pretty standard for the west, especially America. Clearly not all of Sony disagrees, otherwise it wouldn't have released in Japan.

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Too bad. This looks like it was going to be a GOTY contender...

While I think it is a pity, I really do think PQube should have at least tried to get some what toned down version out. I honestly do not blame Sony America or Sony Europe for trying to maintain culturally suited image they have for themselves. 

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