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Forums - Gaming Discussion - EDGE #321 review scores



Detroit: Become Human (PS4) – 5

State of Decay 2 (XONE, PC) – 4

Destiny 2: Warmind (PS4, XONE, PC) – 6

Onrush (PS4, XONE) – 7

Yoku’s Island Express (PS4, XONE, SWITCH, PC) – 8

Smoke and Sacrifice (SWITCH, PC) – 6

Just Shapes & Beats (SWITCH, PC) – 7

Quarantine Circular (PC) – 7

Laser League (PS4, XONE, PC) – 9


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Edge on point (lol) as always

can’t speak for the review scores, but i did pick up yoku’s island express.

haven’t given it a try quite yet but it looks like a unique and fully developed game.

Edge reviews are always low, Detroit a 5/10 that's insulting.

omg EDGE is, like, so cool!

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It's just a score.

Gameplay > Graphics

Substance > Style

Art Direction > Realism

Im on the edge of my seat when I saw those scores......

Pocky Lover Boy! 

Yay, Edge is the best!!!

That Edge is still sharp as ever.

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Edge is on point again. One of the few I trust.