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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Warning: Don't Let Your Kids Play Mario Odyssey.

The Switch has been hacked recently and one of the hacks allows people to use custom profile pictures. People have taken advantage of this and are using images from adult films. In SMO there are ballons that show other users profile pictures so ther is a chance your kid could see one of these images. Nintendo are working on a fix but for now don't let your kids play SMO.

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Or just don't let them hook it up to the internet. That's what I would do.

lol If it wasn't GOTY before...


now i have a reason to play odyssey again

ill be back guys

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Just disable the internet from your kids game.

And somehow I should have guessed this was all going to be luigi's fault.

if I had kids . or whenever I do. am not letting them use internet until they are at a certain age

I have little cousins that pretty much sit at youtube for like 8 hours a day for years and they are maniacs.


I don't mean internet like I would let them watch netflix and this stuff. but as in interact with others hell no 

You say this as if this hasn't been a thing for a the past decade or something.

I should give odyssey a try

Any screenshots of the porn? I'm writing a research paper on this...