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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How Do They Taste?

Hey, I know it's nothing really important, but I thought I'd bring it up if anyone's interested.

How do you think the Mario series mushrooms taste? Do you think they'd taste like regular mushrooms, maybe a little sweeter, more sour, what?

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They taste like those brownies you find in parties that taste sourly and have something green inside of them.

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They are obviously candy with drugs, they make Mario hallucinate that he gets big, so yeah, I'll say they are sweet!

likely like liberals. no taste, but drives the world nuts.

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No one can ever know, because the moment you touch one it disappears

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Like the kind you find under cow dung.

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It tastes like stolen ideas from Alice in Wonderland.

I imagine sweet but sharp hot taste

from my experience, mushrooms dont have much difference in taste as they do texture. and these mushrooms are small and round, so they would probably be pretty soft, and easily chewable. and im sure they would taste pretty good

Purple mushroom must taste like death ...

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